Huichuan has taken many measures to promote epidemic prevention

Recently, COVID-19 has spread to many places in China, and the prevention and control situation remains grim and complex.In order to firmly consolidate the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control, departments at all levels in Huichuan District tightened their respective responsibilities, strengthened the publicity of epidemic prevention and control through the combination of online and offline methods, and adopted multiple measures simultaneously to enhance the public’s awareness of epidemic prevention and control.”Citizens should be the first person responsible for their personal health, continue to adhere to the ‘three-piece set’ (wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and paying attention to personal hygiene), and remember the ‘five essentials’ (wearing masks, keeping social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands frequently, and keeping Windows open as much as possible)…In the early morning of March 13, the author came to Taoyuan District, Jianguo Community, Donggongsi Street, Huichuan District. The emergency “loudspeaker” was playing the propaganda broadcast of epidemic prevention and control on a loop.”I think it’s necessary to broadcast the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control constantly to remind us to take good personal protection. Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control, and we must strictly abide by the relevant regulations.”Taoyuan village resident Ms Wu told the author.According to the jianguo community staff, in the past few days, the community emergency “small speakers” broadcast the epidemic prevention and control tips twice in the morning and evening, reminding residents to take good personal protection, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and continuously improve residents’ awareness of epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, community workers also checked and filled in the posters of epidemic prevention and control in their districts, and promptly replaced the old posters that were unclear and covered, creating a good atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control publicity.The author’s visit found that in addition to Taoyuan community, in all villages (residences), supermarkets, cinemas and other crowded places in Huichuan, you can hear the epidemic prevention and control tips played by emergency “loudspeakers” everywhere, and posters of epidemic prevention and control knowledge are also displayed prominently.For days, inovance district party committee propaganda department continued to carry out propagation work on the epidemic prevention and control and guide the townships (street), various departments through emergency “small horn”, small mobile speakers, posters, electronic screen publicity slogans, completes the disease prevention and control public welfare propaganda, and demand in the major business super, cinemas in epidemic prevention and control publicity clips, guide the masses to start from the self,Improve the awareness and ability of protection.According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of this year, more than 8,000 posters and 2,000 color pages have been produced and posted, and more than 200 LED electronic screens have been used to broadcast epidemic prevention and control slogans.In addition, to strengthen the network publicity, expand coverage for propaganda, inovance area also make full use of weibo, WeChat public number, mobile client, the trill, video, television and so on various district-level media platform, to take a variety of forms such as video, audio, graphic, omni-directional, platform release information about the epidemic prevention and control, popularize knowledge of epidemic prevention and control,Efforts should be made to build a publicity environment with the participation of the whole society, covering all sectors and making all-round efforts to create a strong publicity atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control, and create a good situation in which the whole people consciously and actively fight against the epidemic.(Li Mengxue, Hong Xianyu)

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