The latest!Some passenger trains have resumed operations in Inner Mongolia

On March 19 to April 17, baotou to Zheimu between the k5336/7 times on March 20 to April 18, Zheimu to Baotou between the K5338/5 times in the tube fast passenger train 1 on March 20 to April 21 the following train resumed operation of Ulanchabu – Baotou D6767 baotou – Ulanchabu D6770 Baotou – Hohhot east DBaotou open D6768 train Hohhot east to Wulanchabu between the resumption of warm reminder of the railway department remind the vast number of passengers friends pay attention to 12306 website (12306APP mobile phone client), understand the relevant suspension information, timely adjustment of the itinerary.If there is any change, please refer to the station announcement of the day.Learn about the epidemic prevention and control policies of the origin and destination in a timely manner, and make proper travel arrangements.Please wear a mask at all times when entering or leaving the station or taking a bus, and keep a distance from other passengers when queuing.At the same time, please cooperate with the station and train staff to do a good job in temperature measurement, code check, verification and other work to ensure travel safety.Source: Railway 12306 website editor: Chen Long

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