Guang ‘an Town, Dacheng County, does a good job in party building and leads rural revitalization of casting soul

Langfang daily news (reporter maike correspondent Wang Jiating) since 2021, dacheng county town of cross over “poly LiZhua party construction, pays special attention to the party building and promote development” concept, with high quality condensed powerful party construction force, leading the whole town party member cadres to strengthen the organization foundation, leading cultural revitalization, promote the farmers’ income, to build beautiful homes, certain achievements have been made in the party construction.We will strengthen community-level Party organizations and lay a solid foundation for rural work.In accordance with the procedures to hold the town party congress, the people’s Congress, elected together with strong town and village team, strictly implement the Requirements of the Party constitution and rules, carefully arrange the election matters, successfully complete the task of the town and village.37 village and street party and mass activity centers were renovated and upgraded, among which 6 village and street centers in yangzhi Village, Tong Zhuangzi Village, Li Lingju Village, Dongniu Village, Dongsangsheng Village and Ji Village were mainly built and upgraded.The “two rooms” were painted and decorated, the ground of the courtyard was hardened, the party building work system was updated, the neon signs of the party and mass activity center of the village street were unified, and the functional zoning of the “two rooms” was re-refined.Party building guides cultural revitalization and promotes core socialist values.We will give full play to the exemplary and leading role of primary-level Party organizations, and promote in-depth and practical study and education of Party history and the publicity and education of the “four Histories”.Party history study and education into the theoretical study of the central group of learning and cadre education and training key tasks, the organization of flag-raising ceremony, the organ all party members and cadres review the pledge to join the Party, xibaipo, Mount Langya visit to study and other activities, strengthen village party cadres training.The party branch of the tong Zhuangzi village organized the second “Respect for the Aged” festival, in which 230 people over 65 years old were held a feast of dumplings and red envelopes, bringing the care of the Party to each of the elderly, strengthening the party-masses relationship and carrying forward the traditional Chinese virtues of filial piety for the elderly and respecting relatives.Party building led the adjustment of industrial structure and constantly improved the living standards of farmers.At present, cross town 29 village street circulation land of 28682 mu, the establishment of cooperatives, family farms, such as collective economic 46, planting crops high economic benefit, constantly develop collective economy, especially in 8, zhuangzi stop village, Yang village, find a set tourism, sightseeing, rural culture, green agriculture as one of the country revitalization of the new path.At the same time, we will take multiple measures to improve the business environment.The town in-depth enterprise visit survey, accelerate the establishment of the town’s traditional industry association.At present the town seal industry, precision instrument manufacturing industry industry association preparatory work has been completed, is preparing to hold the establishment of the industry association.Party building has led efforts to improve the living environment and build a happy, harmonious and beautiful home.We organized a group visit to Xinglonggong Town, Wen ‘an County, to study the improvement of the rural living environment, with the theme of “new style, new look, new look”, and strive to be the “pacesman” of environmental improvement.The town concentrated on improving the environmental order of the town, carved along the village street landscape nodes, to create tong Zhuangzi, Yangzhi, east Sangsheng and other boutique village streets.Raise environmental renovation of the town a party member representative and enterprise capital more than 130 ten thousand yuan, make into town yingbin street landscape, township wei leave road newly installed solar energy street light lamp, hanging publicity slogans, 150, 125 great north road Guo Wang only fort 36 lamp, street lamp installation neat, orderly township scene to celebrate the year of the tiger lunar New Year.

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