Shenghua Trumpchi GS4 limited time discount 6000 yuan welcome test drive

Our new store launched multiple surprises, to help you easily buy a car!Discount in one step!!Jet modeling leads the car tide, Trumpchi shadow leopard orders in the store hot!The new 2022 Trumpchi GS4 is your best value!Trumpchi GS3 POWER enjoy ultra-low down payment, 2-year zero interest trumpchi M6 PRO into a new generation of MPV “the light of Domestic goods” Trumpchi M8 Chinese luxury MPV creator brand new listed strong POWER surge, Trumpchi new second generation GS8 welcome to taste 126.8 yuan, trumpchi GS4 PLUS officially launched to buy Trumpchi to Heze Shenghua,Enjoy replacement subsidies, extra privileges for big customers.Free car wash with a mobility scooter.Low down payment low interest rate up to 5 years loan.More preferential good car welcome to shop details, there is always a suitable for you!VIP for enquiry:400-140-7059 promotion time from February 05, 2022 to February 06, 2022 Trumpchi GS4 latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Heze quoted 270T manual comfort edition 89,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 83,800 yuan 270TManual elite edition 103,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 97,800 yuan 270T DCT Excellent enjoy edition 113,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 107,800 yuan 270T automatic wisdom line pilot edition 119,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 113,800 yuan 270TAutomatic wisdom travel technology edition 126,800 yuan 128,800 yuan 270T automatic wisdom travel flagship edition 131,800 yuan 106,600 yuan 125,800 yuan

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