Special car to stable employment!Boluo “point-to-point” received the first batch of 25 xingren workers

At 9:00 a.m. on February 17, a bus from Xingren to Boluo, which has covered more than 1,000 kilometers, slowly pulled into the gate of Boluo County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The bus carried the first batch of 25 migrant workers recruited to Bo through boluo and Xingren 2022 East-West Labor Cooperation “Spring Breeze Action”.It is understood that boluo County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security actively set up a platform, and organize enterprises to “point to point” transfer migrant workers from Xingren to Boluo, “escort” migrant workers on a new road to employment.On the morning of the same day, the relevant officials of boluo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau had a discussion with the migrant workers and enterprise representatives in Xingren Laibo, introducing the geography, transportation, food and other conditions in Boluo, encouraging the migrant workers to feel at ease in their work.After the meeting, the workers boarded buses and headed to the factory in Longxi.Although they are tired after a long ride, they feel warm about the “point-to-point” shuttle service and look forward to their new jobs.”I used to earn about 3,000 yuan a month running around my hometown.It was really heartening to see that there was a recruitment in Boluo, and the monthly salary was about 3,000 yuan higher than in my hometown, and there was a point-to-point shuttle service.”Feng Chunhao, a migrant worker in Bo, said.Another migrant worker, Fan Made, also said that he used to make a living by farming in his hometown, but this time he got a job opportunity out of the mountains by taking advantage of the boluo-Xingren 2022 East-West Labor Cooperation “Spring Breeze Action” job fair.”I can do anything here, as long as I make money.Well done, I’ll ask the rest of the townspeople to join me.”At the prospect of his new job, a smile spread across Vanmudd’s ingenuous face.Learned, February 12 XingRen city boluo county, eastern and western labor collaboration “spring breeze action” (casc) in guizhou province qianxinan XingRen city held by boluo county human resources and social security bureau, undertaken by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security bureau of XingRen city, invited more than 60 companies entry in recruitment, including 20 companies from boluo county,More than 5,800 jobs are available.These enterprises involved in clothing, electronics, commerce, design and other fields, both front-line general workers, but also skilled workers and management personnel.According to statistics, there are more than 1000 applicants in this job fair, and 958 people have preliminarily reached employment intention, among which 226 people have reached employment intention in Boluo enterprise.Zhong Zhigang, associate manager of Administration office of JAFu Electric (Huizhou) Co., LTD., said: “Through this job fair, it not only alleviates the recruitment problem for our company, but also provides better employment opportunities for the local surplus labor force in Xingren. It is a good thing for mutual benefit and win-win for both places.”According to boluo county people club bureau party members Liao Yicong, currently our county has for poverty alleviation monitoring to bo luo employment XingRen national population made the special preferential policies of employment, including migrant workers disposable traffic subsidies of 1000 yuan, reached a certain time limit of post allowance of 2000 yuan, to the enterprise provides the employment subsidies of 800 yuan per person, etc.”The recruitment fair on February 12 has a good response in Xingren. All the personnel come through the whole process of closed-loop management, ‘point to point’ from Xingren to Boluo, and then transferred to the factory to provide all-round protection for workers’ personal safety, employment safety and life.”Liao yicong said.Next, Boluo County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will continue to encourage and guide Boluo enterprises to take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, actively attract employment talents, and vigorously create a good employment environment and atmosphere, so that more workers have jobs and access to entrepreneurship.Bo luo, XingRen people club department will also further strengthen connection to eastern and western labor service cooperation, grasp employment entrepreneurship services work, emphasizing, grabbing the results, push east-west cooperation to a new level, realize effective cohesion, consolidate the achievements of poverty and rural revitalization and make contributions to further optimize the environment of our county business.Source: Louvre News

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