“Anti-bow artifact” fire!Are office workers’ necks saved?

Recently, “anti-bow artifact” has become popular on major e-commerce platforms, featuring prevention of neck wrinkles, cervical spine correction, improvement of neck forward tilt, farewell to chested hunchback.As an office worker, that is mercilessly enchanted, but this magic device will be intelligence tax?Figure source: network 01 “anti-bow” artifact useful?The purchasers and users of “anti-bow” are mostly young people who try to improve posture or relieve pain due to their neck leaning forward or shoulder and neck pain caused by sitting at a desk for a long time to study and work.But many people are skeptical about how effective such “magic tools” really are.Figure source: Taobao in fact, the nature of “anti-bow artifact” is neck support, looks to be able to a certain degree of cervical spine support, use is also very simple.However, it has no effect to improve the neck forward tilt and correct posture, and long-term use will even produce adverse effects.The maintenance of cervical spine posture mainly depends on the exercise of neck muscles. Wearing braces for a long time will cause disuse atrophy of muscles.What is the role of clinical neck brace?Neck brace is a kind of brace commonly used in orthopedics, which is used to temporarily fix the lower cervical spine and limit movement.Three situations of using a neck brace During the on-site first aid, if the neck of the injured person is injured, to prevent secondary injury to the patient during the transport of the patient, the neck brace should be temporarily applied to the neck.For the conservative treatment of certain cervical vertebra diseases, such as radiculopathy, neck trauma, etc., short duration of immobilization is used to relieve pain.It is used to protect soft tissue and promote bone healing after cervical surgery.In order to achieve good fixation effect, while considering the comfort of the patient, the design of the neck brace for treatment should be more scientific than the artifact on the Internet.The design of the network “artifact” is just a ring, which looks simpler, but the support effect is not good, and the local pressure on the chest is too large for a long time, which is easy to cause crushing injury.The rear part of the neck brace is designed to support the back of the head and back and also requires a certain amount of contact area.”Artifact” that is fixed directly with the belt, too loose can not be fixed, too tight will be more uncomfortable, but also easy to crush soft tissue.03 The disadvantages of long-term bow bow more than 60 degrees, equivalent to the cervical spine bearing 27 kilograms.The industry has specialized biomechanical tests.After a person had stood, from the eye smooth look, do not lower the head namely 0 degrees begin, to slowly ground head descend low, actually the strength that the neck receives is slowly increase.When we keep our head down all the time, especially if our head down position is more than 60 degrees, we can measure about 27 kilograms of force at the point where our head and neck mechanics converge.This means that if we keep looking at our phones, reading and writing with our heads down for a long period of time, it’s about as much as a child can ride on his neck.So if you bow your head for a long time and do not move, you can imagine how much pressure there is in the cervical spine!What symptoms of cervical vertebra should we be alert to?One symptom is recurrent neck and shoulder pain, with pain numbness in the upper extremities that can radiate from the shoulder to the forearm and fingers.In this case, we should be vigilant against radiculocervical spondylosis. Changing posture (such as holding the head with arms and pulling the cervical spine) can relieve the pain.Another category of symptoms is more serious, but also easier to miss or misdiagnosed, such as inflexible fingers, clumsiness in writing, using chopsticks or clasping buttons, unsteady walking, stepping on cotton or often going off course.Appear this kind of symptom, should be alert to the possibility of cervical spondylosis of myelopathy.How to protect the Cervical spine?Daily pay attention not to hold a position for a long time will always up activity to relieve muscle tension for a long time for lumbar cervical spine are helpful for office workers, sedentary bow is inevitable, through a simple action, exercise in the rear of the cervical muscles, insist for a long time, for ease of cervical muscle strain and improve cervical curvature are helpful.4. Push your hands forward to fight. 5. Keep pushing for about 5 seconds, relax and repeat the action 3-5 times.Compared with the professional neck brace, the “anti-bow magic device” is simple in design, and has no effect on improving the neck forward tilt and correcting posture. Wearing it for a long time is easy to produce adverse effects.For people who look down at their mobile phones and work at their desks for a long time, do not keep a posture for a long time. If the cervical vertebra appears discomfort, or even affects daily walking or activities, they should seek medical treatment in time and receive professional treatment.Photo source: Photo net

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