Late at night, a transoceanic phone call to changge this “barber” home……

One late night, a villager’s mobile phone suddenly rang up — a wechat voice phone: “Dad, saw the introduction of your video, which reminds me of when I was a child, you carry a tool kit, with razor, scissors, go out to shave people’s head hard.Thank you for what you’ve done for us…”The answer was none other than Lee Jin-tak, a barber in The village of Myeongsa.The voice call came from Li Na, his eldest daughter, who has been working in the United States for several years.Li Na, the eldest, works in the US.”I was born in the year of monkey. I am 65 years old. I have been handling razors since I was 14.Lee said proudly, “With this humble old skill, I gave up two college students out of three children, one of whom has a master’s degree and is working in the U.S.Life mission accomplished, worthy of parents, worthy of the next generation.Now think about it, in the mind very strong!”Lee Has raised two college students from three children by shaving their heads.At a young age, he was bullied and bullied. The poor child was in charge early, and he followed his master to learn skills at the age of 14. In the countryside, two college students from a family of three children are not very common, especially one of them is still working in the United States.And this story happened in the ordinary farmer family Lee Jinde family.As a barber, he earns a living by cutting hair and shaving, so how can he raise outstanding children? Lee geum-deok’s experience as a child must be mentioned.”My grandfather’s generation was not good, and my family felt inferior everywhere they went.”To this day, Mr. Lee remembers how his family was bullied and looked at.”Boy, you have to grow up quickly to support the business, or the future of hard life.””My mother had told Lee.To catch up with the lack of food and clothing, Lee Jin de and his brothers and sisters early understand that the poor children as early as their own, they must be good, early for the family to lighten the burden.At the age of 14, while hanging out with his family at ancient fairs, Lee discovered that shaving “had a way out”.”You don’t need capital to learn how to do it.Carry a suit and go wherever you go.”After much thought, Kim Lee decided to shave his head.”I learned my craft during school hours to make a living.”Lee said, “The master took the trouble to teach hand in hand.I was newly born and not afraid of tigers. My hands trembled at the beginning, and after a few practice sessions with clenched teeth, I was on the road.Because I am anxious that I can ‘start work’ a day earlier and lighten the burden of my family.”In this way, at the age of 16, Lee Jinde officially “started his career”, which has lasted for 51 years.Kim Lee gives customers a shave and massage.”We cannot control the destiny of the previous generation, but we can change the destiny of the next generation by reading books.Only by studying hard and working hard can the whole family have hope.”There were more services than any barber shop today: haircut, shampoo, shave, shave, ear shaving, scalp massage, shoulder beating. It took a customer more than half an hour to complete the “super VIP” package, but Lee never cut corners.It was with such skills that Li Jinde was introduced to a coal mine in Qinghai Province in 1995 and became a full-time hair shaver.”It’s a long way from home, but I still want to make a living.”What He didn’t expect, Mr. Lee said, was that the experience would lead to a change in his family’s fortunes.During the work period, I saw the workers in the mining area living in fear of life on the belt, and many of them even worried that they would never be able to return to the surface.This situation makes Lee Kim de can not help but worry.”Those of us born in the 1950s, because of The Times, experienced famine, were forced by life, early to make a living.What are the next generation of children going to do? Are they going to have to earn their living in a cheap job like me?”Lee Asked.Soon after, he found the answer during a Spring Festival gathering of relatives.Talking with his brothers back home, Lee learned that one of his Cousins had finished high school with pickled vegetables on steamed buns and passed the national college entrance examination to enter a famous university, thus realizing “a noble son from a poor family”.After graduation, he became a senior technical talent and entered an excellent work unit.A good income transformed a poor family.And the next generation of nieces and nephews are even better, some become college professors, some join the army, and do exceptionally well.Her brother said, We cannot control the fate of the previous generation, but we can change the fate of the next generation by reading books.Only by studying hard and working hard can the whole family have hope.”When she got home, Lee Said to her children, “You must study hard. I will pay for everything you read.”In order to earn money for his children’s tuition, when he could not afford a bicycle at home, Lee Had to carry a set of tools and a washbasin and go out under the stars to meet in Xinzheng and Kaifeng And Weichuan before arriving home late at night.A set of tools helped Kim lee earn money to support his family.Kim Lee has had a recliner with him for years, and he still refuses to throw it away.”My father always said that our family was poor and unable to provide us with a good living environment, but his words and deeds are the most valuable asset in our family.His habitual diligence, difficult when trough of optimistic and tenacious character influence me at an early age, a teenager with his father as my example, expected to hard work, his every action physically than thousand million sentences nagging “li said, father, indicate the direction that we left too many detours less, now, how wise father practice proved.”If you love reading, endure hardship and work hard, not only your family will prosper, but the whole nation will become strong.””There are many paths to success, but going to college is the best path my generation has seen so far.Although reading is very hard, but you can’t stand the pain of reading, you have to suffer the pain of life.”Li Jinde said earnestly.”With older brothers and sisters as role models, the whole extended family places a special emphasis on education.In addition, our family’s economic situation is not good, the children also want to change the family, are determined to learn as much as they can.”Mr. Lee said.Finally, two of the three children were admitted to higher education institutions. The eldest daughter was hired to work in the United States by a large enterprise as a graduate, the youngest daughter became an English teacher, and the youngest son also started his own business.”Now, when we sit and talk together, we all lament that the big family of 20 or 30 people has been lifted out of misery and poverty, thanks to the importance attached to education.Even though we are farmers, we know that if we love reading, work hard, and work hard, our family and nation will grow stronger.Li Jinde said, “The country also has a history of humiliation, now the whole society is advocating education, because we understand that backwardness will be beaten and bullied, only education can strengthen the country, people can really stand up, rich, strong!Reporter | He Jingjing proofing | book party art | Wang Rui editor on duty | Zhao Fengli

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