People with flexible employment in Guangzhou can participate in unemployment insurance voluntarily

With the development of the new economy and new forms of business, the number of flexible employment workers, such as Courier boys, takeaway drivers, ride-hailing drivers, network anchors and domestic service workers, has been expanding.This group generally relies on platform enterprises for employment, but has not established labor relations with platform enterprises.Social security has become a universal problem faced and concerned by flexible employment personnel.According to the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Measures of Guangdong Province for People with flexible employment to participate in unemployment insurance (Trial) have come into effect on January 1, 2022 and are valid for two years.As one of the nine pilot cities in the Greater Bay Area, people with flexible employment in Guangzhou can participate in unemployment insurance voluntarily and enjoy corresponding unemployment insurance benefits according to regulations.Personnel of flexible obtain employment joins protect applicable object according to introducing, the personnel of flexible obtain employment that guangdong unemployment insurance New Deal places calls, it is to point to the following personnel that guangdong province works from within legal working age:Those who rely on e-commerce, online car booking, online food delivery, express delivery and logistics platforms to find employment but have not established labor relations with relevant enterprises such as platforms or institutions, as well as individual businesses without employees.Accordingly, the flexible employment personnel in Guangzhou can participate in unemployment insurance in Guangzhou.Guangzhou flexible employment personnel according to the principle of voluntary, with effective identity certificate and employment registration to the city tax department to deal with the unemployment insurance participation payment procedures, and from its to deal with the participation in the cost procedures of the month to declare pay unemployment insurance premiums.Need clew is, before attending unemployed insurance, need to deal with obtain employment to register first.As for the payment base and premium rate, according to guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, people with flexible employment who participate in unemployment insurance for the first time should, in principle, declare the unemployment insurance premium base based on their average income of 12 months of flexible employment before they participate in unemployment insurance, and currently pay unemployment insurance premium according to the rate standard of 1%.Thereafter, I will declare the payment base once a year in July according to my income.For those who have participated in flexible employment for the first time for less than 12 months, they will apply for the contribution base based on the average income of the actual number of months of employment.According to the policy, the payment base of flexible employment in Guangzhou shall not be lower than the city’s minimum wage standard;Where the average monthly income is higher than 3 times of the average monthly salary of the staff and workers on post in this municipality in the previous year, it shall be reported on the basis of 3 times of the average monthly salary of the staff and workers on post in this municipality in the previous year.It is understood that the current minimum wage standard in Guangzhou is 2300 yuan/month, and the average monthly salary of employees in Guangzhou last year is 11,262 yuan.The personnel of flexible obtain employment in guangzhou in guangzhou to attend unemployed insurance treatment standard of unemployment insurance personnel of flexible obtain employment, at the same time meet the following conditions of unemployment, can be in accordance with the “guangdong saves unemployed insurance byelaw” regulation, receiving unemployment insurance compensation and enjoying other unemployment insurance benefits (excluding one-off unemployment insurance) migrant residents outside the province.One is before unemployment oneself already pay unemployed insurance premium accumulative total is full one year, perhaps malcontent one year but oneself have unemployed insurance gold to get time limit;Discontinue flexible employment for reasons other than his own will;Third, those who have gone through unemployment registration and have employment demand.According to the relevant regulations that the unemployment insurance compensation is calculated and paid monthly by the social security administration department in accordance with 90% of the minimum wage standard in Guangzhou, at present, the eligible persons with flexible employment in Guangzhou can receive the unemployment insurance compensation monthly according to the standard of 2300 YUAN/month × 90% = 2,070 yuan/month after they lose their jobs.According to introducing, during getting unemployed insurance gold, unemployed personnel still can enjoy individual need not pay cost at the same time by the regulation, unemployed insurance fund acts on behalf of capture to attend worker primary medical treatment insurance (reach insurance of major disease medical treatment), regular get apply for a job other unemployment insurance treatment such as allowance.Additional, female unemployed personnel is being borne during getting unemployed insurance gold, can get get one-time add hair unemployed insurance gold, the standard is borne that month oneself unemployed insurance gold 3 times, namely current but get get standard is 6210 yuan.According to bureau of guangzhou city person society introduce, the personnel of the flexible obtain employment that attends unemployed insurance joins keep capture cost time, can join with enterprise worker unemployed insurance to keep capture cost deadline amalgamative computation.Case study: Zhang SAN worked in an enterprise in Guangzhou and participated in social insurance for 5 years and 2 months in total. After he resigned on his own initiative, he registered as an online taxi driver on a platform and participated in unemployment insurance in Guangzhou for 4 months as a flexible employee.As a result of the platform shutdown, Zhang SAN lost his job.Zhang SAN can apply for unemployment insurance compensation period is calculated as follows: 1. Zhang SAN’s cumulative participation in unemployment insurance period is: 5 years and 2 months (enterprise employment period) +4 months (flexible employment period) =5 years and 6 months; 2.2. According to “if the unemployed have paid for one to four years, the period of receiving unemployment insurance compensation is one month for each year;For more than four years, for more than four years, the period of receiving unemployment insurance compensation will be increased by one month every half year “. The period of receiving unemployment insurance compensation for Zhang SAN is: Zhang SAN has participated in unemployment insurance for a total of five and six months.Among them, the first four years of unemployment insurance payment time can receive unemployment insurance compensation for 4 months, the full four years remaining 1 year and 6 months of payment time, can receive unemployment insurance compensation for 3 months.To sum up, according to the current standard, Zhang SAN can receive unemployment insurance compensation for 7 months on a monthly basis, and the accumulative amount is 2070 yuan/month *7 months =14490 yuan.According to the regulations, flexible employment personnel apply for unemployment insurance benefits, should be combined with the specific circumstances of interruption of flexible employment not due to their own will, when applying for unemployment insurance benefits should provide the following information:Convenient and efficient social security services for greater efforts to promote the implement of social security system innovation, guangzhou in accordance with the requirements of the “open collar, safe”, the personnel of flexible obtain employment to service window to deal with unemployment to register and the unemployed insurance gold extend business practice “a door, a window”, avoid ginseng protect people “into multiple doors, lined many times, run multiple foot”,We will actively provide more convenient and efficient social security services for people with flexible employment, so that more eligible people with flexible employment can fully enjoy the benefits of innovative social security policies.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Reporter: Liu Chunlin Correspondent: Guangzhou People Association publicity/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Qiu Weirong [Editor: Li Xin]

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