Price reduction of Tianhui Project of Zhengzhou Country Garden Phoenix Phase II

According to a local net friend introduced, the recent zhengzhou country Garden Phoenix two days of tianhui continued to spread price news, the normal floor price as low as twelve thousand, the price from last year per level fifteen thousand to now twelve thousand, the price has fu exceeded the record price of 15%, this news for the early buying owners, is no different from a bolt from the blue.With such a large price cut, the old owners are also very worried that the quality of the house will fall again and again as the price drops. Netizens said that they do not want developers to cut prices maliciously, disturb the housing market and violate the stable development tone of the housing market.I hope the relevant departments can give the owners a reasonable solution.Zhengzhou 12345 government service convenience hotline reply: We have transferred the relevant problems you reflect to the city housing Security Bureau to deal with the implementation of the reply as follows: According to the relevant provisions of real estate regulation: strengthen the guidance on the pre-sale price declaration.The selling price of commercial housing is regulated by the market mechanism. When the enterprise declares the pre-sale price, it is specified that the unit price of a single house is the highest, which shall not exceed the declared price in the sale process. There is no clear provision for the floating range lower than the declared price, and the specific price shall be determined by the enterprise independently according to the market.There is no prohibition clause in the laws and regulations of price reduction reflected by netizens, which belongs to the independent behavior of the market.

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