Reverse thinking: What is the core motivation that keeps you doing something

Many people attribute the root cause of their failure to their lack of perseverance.Since it is to find the right answer, it is necessary to dig to the bottom, to ancestral graves on the plane, break the casserole to ask in the end.Why can’t you insist?It comes down to human nature, desire, pleasure, fear, what’s inside, what’s invisible.Everyone is a thinking animal. Thoughts direct actions, and actions lead to immediate results.What drives people’s thinking and thinking is the thought that can’t be seen or touched, the thought, the heart, a thought of heaven, a thought of hell.Everything that makes you feel good comes from desire.For example, men and women, making money, power, status, dignity, being praised and valued…Conversely, what makes you stick to something sometimes comes from fear.For example, the great anxiety and fear of being at the bottom of the class at school, as a result of not doing well in school, sometimes leads to great changes and rapid growth.The same goes for making money.Either holding a large number of high-quality resources, not to make money, outdated waste;Or you’re so poor you can barely put food on the table, you’re forced to do it, and you have a tremendous drive to change yourself.Insist to do one thing, compared to the “poor” this thing, to be relatively simple and easy.A reporter interviewed Musk, a tech geek, and he said, “The source of power, the core driving force, I don’t need it!I’m just doing what I love, and because it’s my own thing, I’ll go all out and keep doing it.Yes, be yourself and do your thing.You’ll forget about eating and sleeping, you’ll forget holidays, and you’ll work harder than a donkey in a production line.Money can’t buy I will!The most simple phenomenon is that during the Spring Festival, do you see those “we media” people, livestreaming people and moneymakers all take a rest?None. Why not?Because they are doing their own thing, it doesn’t matter whether insist or not.People who know, believe and do the same thing during the Spring Festival, there is no unprecedented day off.Ha ha.Lack of motivation, can’t insist, that only means that this thing, is not your own thing?If the real core drive is this!Pay attention to the knowledge of the letter, private letter, free to send you two subversion of human nature inside, effectively enhance the reverse thinking, deduce the ability of e-books.

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