Urgent reminder!It will arrive this evening!Xi ‘an weather bulletin the strongest period of rain and snow!

At noon today (16) xi ‘an important weather observatory issued announcement late February 16 to 18 xi will be a cool rain and snow blowing rain and snow weather process for most time 16 to 17, morning and evening on the 17th evening to 18th morning process cooling in 4 ~ 6 ℃ local details can be more than 8 ℃ ▼ 16 and 18, there will be a cool rain and snow blowing xi ‘anThe wind weather process is affected by the plateau trough and the southerly warm and humid airflow. From the evening of February 16 to February 18, there will be a rain and snow cooling and blowing weather process in Xi ‘an. The strongest period of rain and snow will be from the evening of February 16 to the morning of February 17 and from the evening of February 17 to the morning of February 18.16th Day: Cloudy day in urban district, Zhunzhi, Uncompares Yi, Chang ‘an, Lantian Districts for the day — cloudy day turns to sleet and snow;16th evening to 17th day: light rain or sleet in urban areas; unfavourably snow in the southern hills of Zhouzhi, Yi, Chang ‘an and Lantan counties; snow locally; light rain or sleet in other districts accompanied by easterly wind force 3 ~ 4;17th evening to 18th day: sleet in urban areas, unfavourably snow in the southern hills of Zhouzhi, Yi, Chang ‘an, Lamtian counties; sleet or light snow in the rest of the districts;18th evening: rain and snow turn cloudy in the urban area; uncompares Lantan, Chang ‘an, Yi, Zhouzhi, Lintong, Baqiao etc. for mountainous areas; rain and snow turn cloudy in the rest of the districts.At present, the winter wheat in Xi ‘an city is in the overwintering period, the main economic forest fruit in the dormant period, winter and spring stubble facilities vegetables and fruits in the fruit, picking period.Snow will supplement soil moisture, this year’s winter wheat seedling stage is generally small and weak, snow before turning green is more conducive to play the role of heat preservation, water and tillering, snow water temperature is low, can freeze the surface of the wintering pests, conducive to agricultural production and crop safety wintering;This process had no significant impact on the open-field fruit tree production, but continued low temperature and lack of light had a great impact on the facility agricultural production in the fruiting and picking period, which was not conducive to the improvement of the quality of facilities fruits and vegetables.Agricultural production suggestions :1. It is suggested that farmers in facility agriculture pay close attention to the weather changes, and timely take measures to increase temperature and compensate light for fruit trees in facility to promote early production, improve the microclimate environment in the shed, strengthen the shed body, prevent damage caused by strong winds, and ensure the normal growth of vegetables and fruits in facility.2. After snowfall, the soil is frozen and fused, which is easy to smash big corks and make the soil loose. Pay attention to topdressing while rain and snow.3, animal husbandry should pay attention to shed reinforcement, feed reserve and young animal warm work.According to the latest forecast by the National Meteorological Center (NMC), temperatures in most parts of northern China will be mainly on the low side this week due to cold air and precipitation.In the next five days, there will be a drop in temperature in northwest China. The highest temperature in Xi ‘an will drop from 12℃ to 5℃, while the highest temperature in Lanzhou will be only 1℃ on The 18th.Meteorological experts warned that gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Henan, Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces will see significant snowfall, and the public should prevent the adverse impact of snow, snow icing and low visibility on traffic, and arrange travel time properly.In addition, shaanxi Province meteorological station today issued the latest forecast shows that many places in our province will appear in the snow weather is expected today during the day: Northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong cloudy to cloudy days, southern Shaanxi cloudy days.There are scattered snow in the western part of northern Shaanxi, scattered snow or sleet in the western guanzhong, scattered rain in most of southern Shaanxi, and light snow in the Qinling mountains, local snow.Morning guanzhong most, qinba mountains have light fog, guanzhong south local fog.In the middle and western parts of northern Shaanxi, there is about south wind of level 4, and in the northern and eastern parts of Guanzhong, there is about east wind of level 4.Tonight night: the province overcast, western Shaanxi, western Guanzhong light snow, local snow in the west.Eastern Shaanxi, eastern Guanzhong sporadic light snow, light rain to light snow or sleet in southern Shaanxi, southeast Ankang, Shangluo snow or sleet, qinba mountain area local snow.In the central and eastern part of northern Shaanxi, there are 5 ~ 6 level southerly winds, and about 4 level easterly winds in the northern and eastern parts of Guanzhong.Today, most of northern Shaanxi, northern and eastern Guanzhong, and local forest grassland fire meteorological level is level 4 (high), the rest of most areas are level 3 (high danger), need to pay attention to precautions.17: light snow in northern Shaanxi, light to moderate snow in western Guanzhong, heavy snow locally, light rain or sleet in eastern Guanzhong and Hanzhong, moderate snow or sleet in Ankang and Shangluo, moderate to heavy snow in some parts of Qinba mountains.In northern Shaanxi, there is a level 4-5 southerly wind, and in central and eastern Guanzhong, there is a level 4 or so easterly wind.18: light snow in northern Shaanxi, small to medium snow in western Guanzhong, sleet in eastern Guanzhong, medium snow or sleet in southern Shaanxi, medium to heavy snow in Qinba mountain area, and about level 4 northerly wind in northern Shaanxi.19: the province overcast to cloudy, the southern part of Guanzhong, most of southern Shaanxi with sleet or light snow.Northern Shaanxi and northern Guanzhong have level 4 ~ 5 northerly winds.The daily average temperature in guanzhong and eastern Part of southern Shaanxi decreased by 4 ~ 6℃, and locally by more than 8℃.20th: Cloudy with sunny days across the province.21: northern Shaanxi, northern Guanzhong cloudy between sunny, southern Guanzhong cloudy, local light snow or sleet, southern Shaanxi cloudy, western light rain or sleet.May 22: Cloudy with overcast skies across the province.Later weather trend (23-25) : northern Shaanxi, northern Guanzhong cloudy between sunny days, southern Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi cloudy day.Qin Xiaogong reminds you that the rain and snow weather came one after another, the temperature went down all the way, the body felt cold, remember to add clothes to keep warm and pay attention to traffic safety when going out wechat: SXGH1022 news and information | policy interpretation | rights and interests services | labor union activities our sanqin staff “public number”!Source: Shaanxi TV news review: Bing Zi editor: He Yixin, Li Ping

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