When Jiang Weiguo and his tank troops rushed to huang Wei’s aid, Que Han Qian asked old Chiang to send his son away

Two nights later, late at night.Huang Baitao has only one last stand left in Niangzhuang.He saw the “Soldier’s Soul” dagger on the table, which Chiang kai-shek had personally given him.Hundreds of people took the sword, but hundreds were captured by the Communist army, but none of them could live up to the inscription “success or death”.Huang Baitao felt that this should start with him. He immediately went from the war room to the bedroom and sat down at the table to write his will.As he writes, “The weight of the state, the weight of the head,” a shell landed on his roof and a shrapnel lodged mercilessly in his left leg, causing him to fall to the ground in pain and cry out, “Somebody!”When the guard came in and lit a candle, he found Huang lying in a pool of blood. He immediately called a medical officer and finished dressing the boy, saying, “Fortunately, no bones or major blood vessels have been injured.When we get to Xuzhou and take out the shrapnel, we will be all right.”Huang Baitao waved his hand and let the two doctors go. The pain was too intense for him to stand.At the same time, the strong desire to survive is also driving him, immediately let the soldiers to change him into a soldier’s uniform, in the soldier’s uniform outside the general uniform, under the support of the guards, to the chaos of the war room, he shot two shots at the ceiling, to make the war room calm down.”Commander Liu, please!” he said majestically.Liu Zhenxiang just entered the door, Huang Baitao took the initiative to Liu Zhenxiang worship a salute, and said: “Liu Junchang, as a corps commander, I should have affinity to the death team to the communist army.But I have no choice but to entrust you with my foot.I appoint you as my second-in-command to charge the death squads against the Communists!””Please rest assured commander, do not beat back the communist army, I liu Zhenxiang will never come back alive.”Then the crowd rushed out.After Liu Zhenxiang had gone away, he took off his general’s uniform and stuffed the chest charm no. 5941 into his pocket. Pretending to be his own confidential adviser, liu zhenxiang said to the four personal guards, “Go!”He did not know how long he had gone, nor how far he had gone, until only one of the four guards was left to help him walk.There were shouts of “Don’t kill me!” and “Pay attention! Don’t let Go of Huang Baitao!” Huang sat under a tree and said to the soldiers, “Go and get me some water!”As the guards left, Huang took out his revolver, put it to his temple and pulled the trigger gently.One of the few generals in the army who could fight, so he died.This was the Battle of Nianzhuang in the first stage of the Huaihai Campaign, killing more than 100,000 people, accounting for about a quarter of the whole campaign.Chiang Never expected that only 17 days after the “Battle of Xu Musang” began, the East China field Army annihilated more than 100,000 troops and horses, with an average loss of nearly 10,000 troops a day.Now the Huang-Wei Corps, which had been sent to support Xuzhou, was surrounded by Liu Bo-cheng’s Central Plains field army in the shuang-du-ji area.Although he sent General Hu Lian, as Huang Wei’s deputy, to command the Huang Wei corps to break out of the siege, it was hard to predict whether Hu Lian would be able to reverse the defeat and break out of the siege.At this rate, in two months ‘time, the 800, 000 elite divisions on the Huaihai battlefield will be almost defeated.Chiang had a presentiment that he was facing complete defeat, and he had to consider his retreat.He immediately sent Chen Cheng to Taiwan to keep a firm hold on the island so that he could have a foothold in Taiwan if he were to lose his foothold on the mainland.At the same time, Chiang Kai-shek was not reconciled to defeat, so he sent his son Jiang Weiguo to the Huaihai battlefield with his tank troops, hoping to boost morale and save the defeat.Jiang Weiguo first arrived at Bengbu, where Liu Chi’s “suppression headquarters” had been stationed for several days.Liu Zhi, who was drinking a few glasses in the headquarters, heard a sudden sound outside the door: “Report!”A young colonel was standing erect and saluting Liu Zhi.Because of excessive fat and clumsy action Liu Zhi, right now show unusual flexibility, stride forward, pull young colonel come in, say again and again at the same time: “quick inside please, inside please, outside cold, outside cold.””Always good seats!Jiang Weiguo again saluted Liu Zhi, then said: “I have been ordered to lead a regiment of wagons to join the war. The troops have moved to the front and are ready to attack the Communist army to relieve the danger of Huang Wei. I hereby ask the commander in chief to organize troops to cover and follow up, and attack on all fronts to break through the Communist line at one stroke.””Good, good.”Smiling, Liu Zhi turned to Liu Ruming and said, “Order the troops quickly.”Liu Ruming was also very excited on the surface, but he was thinking: Jiang Weiguo was young and energetic, and was appointed by Chairman Chiang to supervise the battle. He was sure to have a big battle with the Communist army. How could liu Ruming’s troops afford it?Then he carried Li out and said, “First discuss it with Duke Jifu.His troops have rested for days and are in good spirits.”Li Yannian, of course, dared not neglect.On the night of December 3, Under the leadership of Liu Zhi, Liu Ruming, Li Yannian, Jiang Weiguo and commanders of all armies held a military conference and decided to concentrate the troops of the sixth and eighth Corps of Bengbu and attack all fronts again with the cooperation of armored troops.In the early morning of December 4, Jiang Weiguo, commanding his second regiment of chariots and more than 100 tanks, passed through the Huaihe River Bridge with great strength and sinew and launched a fierce attack on the blocking positions of our troops.In order to ensure that in the field of huang Wei group annihilation in double dui set, Huano six vertical was ordered as a positive resistance, commander Wang Bicheng, political commissariat Jiang Weiqing is mobilizing.Wang Bicheng drew an irregular red line on the map with a red pencil and said: “Never retreat one meter before 6 o ‘clock today!”As a matter of fact, Chiang’s tanks on the Huaihai battlefield did give our soldiers a headache for a while.As soon as Jiang Weiguo’s 2nd regiment of wagons moved out, a phalanxes of 40 tanks thundered and thundered deafeningly, and the dust and dust rolled over our positions.Jiang Weiguo accompanied Li Yannian to take the chariot and reach the front line. The bullets hit the tank and jingled. Li Yannian was afraid of Jiang childe’s loss and shouted, “Go back!Step back!”Jiang Weiguo chuckled: “They can’t touch my chariot.”At this moment, a PLA platoon commander shouted: “Throw grenades!”Then the grenades flew like flocks of black doves toward the tank, which only gave a few gentle jolts and shakes, but still came roaring toward it.That call throw grenade platoon long anxious, took an explosive cylinder straight to the tank, insert tank tracks, bang bang explosion, the tank is not moving.There was also a group of soldiers, also around a tank, they had no explosives, have their hands in the 38 guns into the gap in the track, a squeak, the track finally broke.The destruction of two tanks does not change the offensive situation of hundreds of tanks.After 6 o ‘clock, Wang Bicheng led the retreat, out of the lake ditch set line.Jiang Weiguo after the attack, ambition more prosperous, all day driving tanks, patrol each battlefield.Although he only urged his regiment crazy attack, but the army officers are concerned about their future, afraid of losing troops, and dare not not brave to go into battle, desperately supervised the battle, and actively cooperate with the regiment combat.So, on December 5, the Kuomintang army occupied Renheji and Zhoujiakou, and on December 9, they entered the Temple of Mars.Jiang Weiguo secretly delighted, as long as according to this speed, day and night attack, expected to reach shuangduji in a few days to join Huang Wei.At that time, I can return to Beijing and explain to my father.But the good times did not last.Since Wang Bicheng’s six columns withdrew from the hugou set line, Su Yu had noticed this problem.As a matter of fact, During the Lunan Campaign, Hua Ye had fought with tank groups and summed up their experience in tank-fighting. However, jiang Weiguo’s regiment was able to succeed for a while only because of the great changes in the army, the number of new soldiers and the dispersing of those experienced in tank-fighting.He remembered clearly how a new soldier, a former militia commander, had, on his first deployment, destroyed two tanks by burning sorghum stalks.Oh, remember, this soldier originally called Zheng Suofu, after joining the army renamed Zheng Suohu, now it should be a company commander.He immediately asked Zhang Zhen to transfer the commander zheng to Wang Bicheng’s office to quickly solve the problem of tanking.Wang Bicheng, long suppressed, determined to teach Jiang Weiguo a lesson.When everything was ready, he personally called Su Yu three times to come and watch.Su Yu did not say yes or no, he was anxious, he asked Jiang Weiqing to come forward, be sure to bring millet commander.In the early morning of The 10th, Su Yu went to the observation post of the resistance position of the Sixth Column. Holding a mirror, he saw that the front position was muddy, just like the paddy fields ploughed by jiangnan Water township. There were only two dry roads that could pass through the tanks.Su Yu estimated that Wang Bicheng’s evil idea was on these two channels.He looked at Wang Bicheng, who was smiling complacently.At that moment, 40 tanks in a square formation came thundering up.The front row of tanks drove into the mud and soon stopped moving.The faster the tracks turn, the deeper the tank sinks, unable to advance or retreat.Tanks came up the road behind them.About a dozen tanks were moving down the dry road into the front line when two loud bangs knocked two tanks off the dry road and laid them across, blocking the retreat of a dozen tanks in front.It turned out that there were wire mines buried under the dry road, and each mine contained 50 kilograms of explosives that could blow up a concrete castle, not to mention a tank.Then the ten tanks that entered the front line were completely engulfed in flames.The front of the original position was covered with sorghum straw, corn straw, wheat straw and dry wood, topped with a good deal of gasoline.The flames went down the tank’s exhaust pipe, smothering the driver and even causing the fuel tank to explode.From afar, the flames, burning red half of the sky.Seeing this, Jiang Weiguo was surprised and shouted: “Infantry cover!”As soon as he walked into the mud pit, he became a living target. He could not walk, could not escape quickly, and was shot at.Jiang Weiguo never dreamed that his most advanced foreign equipment would be easily defeated by the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.Wang Bicheng said proudly, “Well, if you want to save Huang Wei, you haven’t reached Shuangduji from Bengbu yet.””After three days, look at you with new eyes. You played well.”SuYuDao.”Su Zong, if you want to use this sentence as a reason for ignoring our six columns, I don’t want to listen to it.”Wang Bicheng seemed a little angry.Su Yu looked at Wang bicheng and Jiang Weiqing and noticed that wang and Jiang were dressed neatly and had obviously just changed their clothes.At the same time, he saw several steaming plates of authentic Hunan food on a small square table, with two bottles of captured Claret.All this touched Su Yu quite.It made him feel that no matter what column he was in, whether cadres or soldiers, they were doing their best to do a good job and fight the battle well, reassuring him and always paying attention to his health.Now, the comrades of the sixth Column are watching the tank fighting so that he can rest and adjust his physical strength.He looked gratefully at Wang bicheng and Jiang Weiqing and said apologetically: “If the annihilation of Sun Yuanliang’s regiment had not come to an end, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have come today.Lao Wang, if you have something to do, please consult with the central plains governor and General Chen.”After saying this, Su Yu said goodbye to Wang Bicheng and Jiang Weiqing and returned to Huaye headquarters.Moreover, Jiang Weiguo, defeated in the battle of the 10th day, was determined to adjust his coordination with the infantry and launch another attack.However, when he returned to the headquarters of the 54th Army, commander Que Hanqian regretfully gave him an order to return to Nanjing.Although Jiang Weiguo could not understand it, he had to carry it out and went back with his wagons.In fact, this is a plot of Que Han Qian.They lost 15,000 men in just six days, advanced only about 50 li, lost so many tanks in the 10-day battle, and were responsible for the safety of Childe Chiang.Que Han Qian had an idea. He sent a report saying that the water network in the war zone and the ground was muddy, which was not suitable for the movement of chariots, and requested the regiment to be moved away.However, the other national troops refused to accept the chariot corps, but the que Han Qian more sophisticated, even better, Chiang Kai-shek had no choice but to transfer Jiang Weiguo, the second son of Nanjing.

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