When the woman came home from work, she saw that her car had been graffitied

The woman came home from work, saw the car was graffiti, know the result is not angry but to thank the graffiti!What’s going on?Please read on.For most of us, especially for us ordinary working class.Buying a car is not an easy thing.Buying a car can cost years of salary.Buying a car is likely to last a lifetime.When you buy another car, you will cherish it.After all, it’s hard to come by.Especially for men, the car is their other half.Be afraid of a little bump.But a lot of times we can’t predict the external factors.It will inevitably bring harm to the car.One day the woman came home from work and came to her car.He was dumbfounded by what he saw.The white exterior of the car was painted with a long line from the front door of the cab to the top of the right rear wheel.And there were four big letters above it – “Boss please see”.Is it obvious that this is a prank?The woman thought.Her face was livid then, and she was blazing with anger.(Thinking, are you showing me the rhythm of your painting?)I was about to call the police.He was fascinated by the arrow in front of him.He made an effort to calm himself.Look in the direction of the arrow bit by bit.Until it came to the top of the right rear wheel, was stunned by the sight.It was at this point that her mood changed 180 degrees.There was a nail sticking in the top of the wheel.Suddenly he was enlightened.Look around to see if the warm-hearted good man is still not far away.Of course, this is all in vain, because people who do good deeds are generally anonymous.At this point he was glad that his calm moment, not angry, lost his eyes, fortunately he did not call the police, otherwise it will make a joke.On the contrary, she was very grateful to the doodler.Because it’s hard to imagine what kind of dangerous consequences will be brought about when the tire is punctured?Light may be in the driving tire, heavy, may be destroyed.None of which we dare to imagine.More thanks to the doodler.There are good people in our society.At the same time, I hope our society has more such good people.Of course, it is best to check whether their vehicles are abnormal before we drive, so as to prevent it!

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