A man says he loves you but doesn’t want to marry you. A woman doesn’t want to wait. His purpose is clear

Feelings develop to certain stage, talk about marriage theory to marry can be carried on the agenda, missish woman heart can look forward to the beloved man to propose marriage, even if oneself hate to marry, also won’t easily force marriage, be afraid to leave bad impression to the man.However, in the process of waiting, there will be a situation where the man talks about love but has no intention of getting married.Women will inevitably tangle with the man in the end love themselves, say not love, and together for a few years, the man also said love yourself.Yes, but he doesn’t want to get married.What’s going on here?Many women don’t want to understand simply don’t think, as long as the man and their together, say love yourself on the line, she is willing to wait.In fact, a man says he loves you but does not want to marry you. A woman does not want to wait. His purpose is very clear.Don’t want to marry you, and say love you, is to keep you until he can find a better object.Men are more rational in their feelings. The one they love and the one they marry can be two people. The better the family condition is, the more mature the man is, the goal of his mate selection is very clear, but he will not declare it in his mouth.In a word, a man knows what kind of woman he wants to marry, and he won’t give up easily until he finds it.He of empty window period cannot bear loneliness, can look for a condition poor a few woman to do spare tire first, enjoy a woman to bring him everything, but he does not want to be responsible.In order to keep this woman, he will put their own behavior into love, so that women are willing to love him, and so on.If a woman is forced to marry, a man will find all kinds of excuses to delay, let the woman believe that he is not strong enough.As a matter of fact, he knows very well that you are excellent, but you do not meet his standards for a wife and cannot meet his psychological expectations. Women will be labeled as spare tires by him, just like spare tires of cars. They are useful in emergencies and never see the light at ordinary times.A woman should not wait for a man who takes himself as a spare, he will not marry you, as long as he finds the ideal partner, he will abandon you, will give you a good card, said you are a good woman, but he does not love you, so that you regret.Say love you, but do not want to marry you, just do not want to marry you.Many women yearn for a “one man for life” love, but live in an age when sex is fruitless.Many couples know not a few days can not wait to get together, may be the man in advance said very good, promise marriage and so on promise, but afterwards he will not recognize.Don’t look at this is a willing to beat is willing to suffer, but, the man will not feel that the woman and he together is the performance of love him, but suspect that the woman is very casual, such a woman his heart is despised, more unlikely to marry home to do his wife.However, the woman brought him everything, is what he wants, he will say some love words to confuse the woman, let the woman feel at ease to stay beside him.Their behavior is very contradictory, on the one hand, want to get a woman easily, but on the other hand, believe that a woman who is hard to impress is faithful.Since he knows in his heart that you are not the right wife, he will not want to marry you. To satisfy his needs, he has to weave lies. He does not want to get married so early.Someone better suited to him than you has shown up.A man says he loves you, but he doesn’t want to marry you. It may be that he has met someone better, but he hasn’t made up his mind whether to leave you or not. He won’t make the decision to leave you until he thinks it over.On the other hand, someone better suited to him than you has come along, and he has made his move, but it hasn’t worked out yet, hasn’t met his expectations, and he’s comparing the two women.Of course, this kind of man only loves himself, he will not truly love a woman, only to see how much benefit she can bring him, is not more suitable for his talent.With such a man, his excuse for delaying marriage is mostly that he has no ability to give you a better life at present, promise to marry you when he has conditions, but when he met the woman who wants to marry, he will not consider his ability, but change the way to get the recognition of the other side.His ambiguous attitude can lead a woman to think she still has a chance and will continue to wait.But when most men say they love you, they don’t consider you as their wife.A woman should not believe a man’s empty talk, without practical action, he said that love again beautiful is just “empty cheque”, he said that love is just a test woman’s wisdom, see a woman to die for him, his heart more sense of achievement, after all, easy to get, few people will cherish.A smart woman can watch him play smart, silently add or subtract points, and cut his losses when he hits a line you can’t stand.When you meet a man who says he loves you but doesn’t want to marry you, don’t wait. He says he loves you, not to marry you, but in a momentary emotional impulse to satisfy his needs or satisfy his need for control.Encounter this kind of man that let you study not to understand, woman don’t spend idea on him, it is better to spend idea to improve oneself, can hold in own hand is the most fragrant.Why do you think men talk about love but don’t want to marry?Welcome to comment.

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