Big flicker move far correspondence New Year accounts: nephew busy 1 year earned 35 thousand, I scolded him

Start jilili, all goes well big flicker move far communication New Year accounts: nephew at the beginning of the year received a project gross income of 1.1 million, busy 1 year to earn 35 thousand, I scolded him a meal on the topic of flicker move far communication, Ling Tongsha has written many times, but really no people leek write well.In a bar, a leek wrote: “My nephew took a project at the beginning of the year and asked him yesterday that his gross income was 1.1 million yuan.I said not bad. How much did you make?35000.I curled my mouth and asked him how long he had been working on the project, a whole year, and gave him a scolding.”This is the true picture of a company that claims to be high-tech.According to the announcement before the Spring Festival, the revenue of MOBILE communication in 2021 was 11 billion yuan, but the profit was only 350 million yuan, and only 328 million yuan after the deduction.The profit figure was even lower than brokerage analysts had forecast in Q3.To know yuyuyuan Communications in July 2019 IPO raised 979.6390 million, and then last year 221 yuan additional issue financing 1.1 billion, a total of 2 billion financing, and major shareholders have also cashed in 2 billion, and 2 years of distribution add up to only 100 million yuan.Now Qian Pengcheng or the largest shareholder has more than 20 shares, so the listed company rather than the performance of the listed company into product cash is the so-called “technology” company boss of the only course, is really Chinese characteristics.The size is bigger and bigger, consumption is bigger and bigger, do not give birth to baby also do not pay the meal money, as in front of that gao Leek said, Ling Tongsha has always felt, is not our capital market is not raising a silly son?Ridiculous, Shanghai Beach two private equity bigwigs Qiu Guogen and Ge Weidong are far away communication enthusiasts, especially Qiu Guogen in 221 yuan of time to participate in add-issue later can only fill into a major shareholder, is really a typical case of stock speculation into shareholders.Still have yi Fangda of a bond fund, unexpectedly thousand pick ten thousand pick also ate a lot.I really do not know how these public and private funds research and development selected such a son does not pay for food only fat consumption.A fool nephew didn’t make money Scold mercilessly had a tech generalplus club the revaluation repeatedly pointed out in previous reports, move far communication companies such as can not be called technology stocks, because its main business module is to buy so-called qualcomm made module chip sales, such as no technical content, whose value is the most textile valuations, most is like foxconn,Now move far communication of PE is 86.43, while the industrial rich network it 15, you see the line move far communication closed 187.8 yuan before the Spring Festival, from the previous issue price is 221 yuan and a distance, last year to move far in communication because of forecast, now, move far communication again, not as good as expected, I’m afraid QiuGuoGen shall have to wait for solution in a year.It should be noted that earnings have become the only valuation metric for US tech stocks, so they lost a quarter of their value after missing expectations, while Amazon soared after beating expectations.In 2021, it is less than expected to raise 4 billion yuan in financing and cash out. In 2019, China Mobile Communications went public and raised more than 900 million yuan, and then in 2021, the additional issuance of 1.1 billion yuan, and the bosses cash out 2 billion yuan.A total of 4 billion basic red more and more fat cash flow Q3 has – 1.318 billion Qiuguogen Geweidong + Yi Fangda bonds for the ten shareholders curious why the yi Fangda bonds bought such a stock this yi Fangda bond fund, thousands of pick picked in last year Q3 just bought so much moving communications.Looking at its performance, it ranked 3,272 out of 3,814 similar companies.

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