Extreme sharp comments | “Spring Festival does not close” became a false proposition, service can not do do not shout slogans

The news of “No Closing for Spring Festival” in the express delivery industry once flooded the screen before the Spring Festival, and many people expressed their gratitude for the convenience.However, during the Spring Festival, many consumers complained online that their packages were shown to have been sent before the Spring Festival, but they did not receive the packages as the Spring Festival was almost over, expressing frustration and asking whether the “Spring Festival closes” was just a slogan.(on February 8, according to the red star news) express industry collective mass claimed to have the Spring Festival is not close, from last year, because now delivery, delivery is too tight connection with life, during the Spring Festival also has a lot of people need to online shopping, play firecrackers, buy gifts, rob discounts, benefits, the Spring Festival is the peak season of consumption, if the stagnation of logistics, indeed will bring some impact.Therefore, the express delivery industry has taken the initiative to work overtime during the Spring Festival to ensure delivery services. On the one hand, we are delighted to see it and look forward to buying it during the Spring Festival.On the other hand, it is also distressed Courier brother’s hard work, have called on enterprises to give enough overtime pay, do a good job in the schedule.But who would have thought that announcing is one thing and implementing is another?It is said that the collective “Spring Festival is not closed”, in fact, only part of the express delivery as usual, and most of the other express most of the route, are affected by the Spring Festival holiday.Or is the display of delivery, but the collection will wait until the New Year;Or it was collected before the holiday, but actually has not updated the logistics information;Or is stagnant in the transfer center or station, send no one to send, check no one to check.Obviously, this is the holiday before simply did not get through the various links related to logistics, not here a problem, is where stopped, but where there is a link can not keep up, the logistics chain is broken, the goods can not be sent to the destination on time, for consumers, is meaningless.As is known to all, the meaning of “not close” is business as usual, that is to say, only to protect the all services in accordance with the standards of normal, can call them “not close”, when announcing the “close” and each, have expressed around according to forecasts, reasonable arrangement of employees working on duty, ensure smooth express service security, during the Spring Festival.These commitments are not forced upon them by consumers, but are made by the express delivery industry on its own, taking the initiative to cater to the booming demand of the consumer market by recognizing the boom in specialty products and festival delivery.This decision is hard for the front-line staff, but in return for the continuous growth during the Spring Festival, the reputation of the whole industry and the support and trust of consumers.Once said, it should be done, and consumers can not be grateful praise, at the same time, all kinds of reasons to ask people to understand the poor service.Yes, the Courier is very hard, but the Chinese New Year, no one is easy, no one wants to upset, right!This kind of Spring Festival as if not closed and as if closed express strange phenomenon behind, in fact, some express enterprises want to earn a good reputation, but not willing to invest in the cost of speculative mentality to do things well.It is true that some express delivery companies provide services and deliver goods as usual during the Spring Festival. It can be seen that in order to do this well, there are objective difficulties, but it is not impossible to overcome them. The key is to see how much determination and strength they have to implement actions and fulfill their commitments.Otherwise, it is better to announce the Spring Festival directly closed, everyone happy New Year.In fact, on the contrary, reunion during the Spring Festival is the complex and wish of all Chinese people. Do we necessarily need to send and receive express goods in such a timely and fast way?Is it true that many goods cannot wait for the Spring Festival holiday?Is it necessary for the industry to sacrifice their rest time to work overtime?In fact, we can do some market research to understand the real needs of consumers in different regions, so as to do a good job of service according to local conditions, reconsider the meaning and standard of “no closing during the Spring Festival”, and avoid the embarrassment of “empty slogans”.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.

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