‘Game of Thrones’ monster criticizes’ Snow White’ live-action movie

In fact, when I look back on it as an adult, I often realize that the essence of many fairy tales is only a thin line from horror stories, and this news confirms that belief once again.With Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story receiving critical acclaim, Rachel Zegler, who plays Maria, is the leading lady in Disney’s live-action Snow White.Of course, it’s okay to ignore the work of years ago, but when it comes to remaking, making live-action movies and moving into photographic reality, can the same standards be used to convince the world today?There’s a lot of hypocrisy that goes on in this world, and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I was a little surprised that they chose a Latina actress to play Snow White.But these people are still stuck in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and it’s hard to understand what you’re doing when you step back.Welcome to “Cyrano.”Peter Dinklage, who has made an impression on audiences around the world since game of Thrones began, will now star in cyrano, a musical and romantic adaptation of the same name.To say that they seem to be moving towards diverse casting while at the same time ignoring the forest for the trees and treating people with disabilities like this is a step backwards for them.On one level, you’ve got the best of everything, but what the hell are you still doing with this fucking-backwards story about seven dwarves crammed into a cave?Have I not been clear enough in the past?I guess I wasn’t loud enough.I don’t know what kind of studio this is that can be complacent, all the love and respect for this actress, everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing.But I just think, what the hell are you doing?The original 1937 Snow White was Disney’s first animated feature, the first full-length animated feature in color in American film history, and has become one of their signature works.Peter Dinklage’s argument is also valid, and can even be extended to a broader discussion of whether past art can withstand the scrutiny of the new era’s moral standards, beyond the political correctness of the common perception.Peter Dinklage, for his part, is not asking for the inappropriate work to be hidden, but for the problematic aspects to be carefully addressed and reinterpreted, and if the world truly desires the most revolutionary spin Snow White has ever seen, then it should be done together.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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