New Lei by Zhang Weiping, a Poet of the Qing Dynasty

A year’s plan begins in spring.Now, with the arrival of Spring Festival, which falls on February 4, 2022 (the fourth day of the first lunar month), spring has begun to arrive.I like spring, recently wrote a few ancient wing Chun poems.Following the release of bai Juyi’s poem “Fasting in early Spring: A Reply to Ten Gifts from Emperor Fu” in the “Daily Item No. 1386”, today we also release a short poem “New Thunder” by zhang Weiping, a poet of the late Qing Dynasty.Zhang Weiping is a poet with a sense of justice.The poem was written in the early spring of 1834, more than a decade before the Opium War.At that time, the Qing government was corrupt and dark, the national strength was weak, and the poet was troubled at home and abroad. He was anxious to reverse the deteriorating situation.New Thunder was written against this background.This not only shows the poet’s worship and praise of nature, but more importantly, expresses the expectation of social status change.Mr. Lu Xun and that sentence, “in the silent place to listen to the thunder” famous words have the same wonderful.This piece of calligraphy is written on four-foot square antique gold rice paper.– Wu Feng (Yifeng)

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