Why Didn’t Tess and Garuba fit in with the rockets

In recent seasons, the Rockets have been a guard heavy team, with the team investing heavily in payroll and roster positions at guard, but not in the interior.The trade of Theis to the Celtics at the trade deadline for Gerhard Schroder and Fernando Fernand is a correction of the interior configuration, which before this season had been designed to serve the guard, and the rockets themselves have not paid much attention to the interior in the last three seasons.Since Harden was traded to the Rockets, the first part of the rockets inside configuration is Michael Asik, the rockets signed a three-year $25 million poison contract player, the first two years of the contract was $5 million, but the third year of the contract salary jumped to $15 million, the rockets spent two years, the third year of the trade asik to the Bulls.Before the rockets traded Asik, the rockets had already signed Dwight Howard as a Max free agent. The Rockets formed the Modern team, Howard became the team’s no. 2 starter, and the Rockets’ backup center switched from Dorsey to Capela.When Howard and Capela fell out, Howard eventually left the rockets, the rockets back Capela, signed nene in free agency, as Capela’s backup.When the rockets introduced Westbrook, in order to solve the space problem, the rockets finally chose to trade Capela, at this time, the rockets were a team without a center, Tucker as the team’s center, the rockets became the only team without a center in the league.When little leave the rockets, the rockets signed by 41 million in three wood, wood into the rockets’ starting center, before long, the rockets signed wood trading at the harden, the rockets began transformation, configuration appears more stingy at center, the rocket in a third-rate backup center once tried parton inside, but the effect is not ideal.The Rockets acquired Theis in a $36 million, four-year trade last offseason, and used the 16th pick in the draft to pick Shin Kyung and the 23rd pick in the draft to bolster their inside line.However, this season, Theis and Wood did not fit, eventually fell out of the rotation for a long time, was traded by the Rockets to the Celtics before the trade deadline, Garuba has not played in the Rockets, long time in the DEVELOPMENT league, the rockets inside problems are still obvious.As of now, the rockets’ starting center is Wood, and the backup center is Shin Jing, both of whom have a lot of problems defensively.Wood’s defensive in the Houston rockets is disastrous, whether it is big, or small effects are very bad, wood as a player and roll the ball attack, defense and roll is disastrous, defense one and measure of wood is bad, wood’s defensive consciousness is bad, wood’s defense initiative and bad attitude, wood against the power of the poor,Unable to defend the big and strong inside, Wood defended smaller players and was often shot out by opponents.And shen jing defense for the moment is not good, “Beijing has poor footwork speed, often been each step, the power of the” Beijing against harm, height and arm span suffer, “Beijing foul rate control is not good,” Beijing’s defensive inexperience, often make mistakes on the defensive end, “Beijing has poor relief capacity, defense positions and dimensions do not good,Leading to some of the mistakes that young players often make.That is to say, the inside of the original configuration is the season starting lineup of offensive wood + tice in defense, shadow team offensive “+ add yoruba in defense, the defense tice very space, leading to poor effect, Silas to give up, eventually to be traded, and yoruba hasn’t been typed in defense, has been the rockets to devolve viper team,Lead to the rockets inside the defensive end of the players can not play, leading to the collapse of the rockets inside.Caused inside out field at the root of defense by the rockets. The rockets offensive player poor stability, poor endurance, scoring the offensive end class, once the space is not good, cause the team offensive constipation, once the attack, constipation, leading to the current number in the first two rockets star lack of hard solution, leading to attack the ball digestive ability is insufficient, lead to the rockets offense to collapse.In a sense, the Rockets made up for their lack of size with capela at center by using Harden as a vehicle for his ability to draw traction, or by allowing tucker and Covington, two frontlines, to swing to the paint and ensure quick rotation.Although the rocket inside investment, forming a closed loop, but in the end prove defensive post failure, not in the defensive players don’t fit, but lies in the offensive end heart attack caused by low grade and strength, at the expense of the team’s defensive configuration, prompted the offense and defense configuration appears to kill one thousand damage, eight hundred, this is the rockets at the root of a vicious cycle.

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