Beer brewing method

For beer, there are three main brewing options: whole-wheat brewing is where malt is brewed, so the mash must be treated (soaking the malt to extract the sugar), spray (rinsing them to remove the last sugar), and boil.It would provide the most flexibility, but could be the biggest headache.Extract brewing is made by buying malt extract in syrup or powder form, skipping the mashing stage, which greatly simplifies the brewing day, although you must consider adding hops at boiling time.The Beer Kit is a simple extract brewed form in which malt syrup is infused with hop extract, allowing you to skip boiling altogether.All you need to do is follow the instructions to dilute the syrup and let it ferment before bottling.For fruit wine and cider, the process is slightly different and varies from recipe to recipe, but there is usually no need to worry about any steps prior to fermenting the barrel.Use boiling water and/or Condon tablets to avoid infection.Although the process is simpler, you will usually need to transfer the drink from the accumulated sediment to a second large bottle or fermentation tub, so keep this in mind when preparing.Bubbly recipes require the same pressure safe bottles as beer, but if it’s still wine or cider, you can very happily use old bottles as long as you can seal them.Keep in mind that cider usually takes at least four months to mature, while fruit wines take 12 months — they may be easier to make, but require more patience.

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