No. 24 player wins Robertson, Bretcher, can beat 3 top16 players to win?

Currently, the 2022 German Masters snooker tournament has reached the quarter-final stage.Trump, Chao Xintong, Karen.Wilson and Ricky Walton are the first players to advance to the final eight of the tournament, with the other four quarterfinals to be played tonight at 10 p.m.At 3am tomorrow, eight players will play each other in four quarterfinals!Four top16 players played and only one was eliminated in the four quarter-final matches at 3am today.World No. 2 Donald Trump defeated No. 19 Zhou Yuelong 5-0;The ninth-ranked Zhao swept the 21st-ranked Tom 5-1.Ford.Karen at Number five.Wilson edged Craig, 102nd, 5 to 4.Stedman;Only Luca came in at number 16.Bretcher was beaten by Richie in 24th.Luke Walton is out, and it was the first game of the quarterfinals in which a lower-ranked player defeated a higher-ranked player.Ritchie Walton is an English professional snooker player who has won three ranking titles in his career: the Shanghai Masters in 2008, the Wuxi Classic in 2012, and the International Championship in 2014.The German Snooker Masters, Richie.Walton beat Jackson 5-2, 5-1 in the first two qualifying rounds.Page and Simon Lichtenberg.In January 2022, the German Masters is open, Walton shot 1 break 100 in the first round, 2 shots 70+, 5-3 to eliminate the favorite, just took the Masters champion Neil.Robertson.In the second round of the tournament (1/8 final), Walton added 1 stroke to break 100, 2 shots to 60+, and defeated Luka, who played in December 2021, 5-2.Bretcher.Neil Robertson and Luca.Bretcher’s a top16 player, richie.Walton can beat both of these guys in a row, and he can’t be underestimated.At 3:00 a.m. tomorrow, the 29th, Richie.Walton will play world No. 5 Karen.Wilson, if he wins, will advance to the semifinals of the German Masters, where he will face the winner of the semi-final between world No. 2 Donald Trump and No. 9 Zhao Xintong.The top16 players in the bottom half are mark.Selby, Sean Murphy, Mark.Allen and Yan Bingtao.Selby will face Yan Bingtao in the quarter-finals, murphy will face Allen, and at least two of the top 16 players from the bottom half will also reach the last eight.Ricky Walton will most likely need to win three top16 players in a row to win his fourth ranking title.That makes Walton’s five rounds against the top 16 players, which is pretty tough.

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