Principal less than 50,000 deposit inheritance, can avoid notarization!What will be the liability of the bank and the person drawing it

About death deposit succession has long been plagued by many people, is more disturbing, with large amounts of notarial cost is high (generally charge according to the certain proportion of the principal), the amount is too small, such as thousands of hundreds of notarial cost minimum is 200, so some of them even paying, but also a waste of time, back and forth, and so controversial.At the beginning of 2021, the inheritance of the deceased’s deposit finally ushered in a major change, with relaxed conditions and simpler procedures, and the inheritance of small amounts of deposit can be exempted from notarization.On January 28, 2021, silver circ and jointly issued by general office of the central bank, one of its core content, is that Banks, in principle, to the principal of no more than ten thousand inherited deposits or other financial products, and can not pass notarization, just need to withdraw the applicant to provide relevant materials and procedures, can for deposit transfer or direct extraction,Later, it is specified that each bank can increase the amount, but the principal shall not exceed 50,000 yuan, which can be implemented by referring to this notice. This major measure undoubtedly further optimizes financial services and facilitates the inheritance of deposits by the masses.In the past for a long time, if there is no will to designate the successor, generally through notarization or judgment to inherit, now for not more than 10,000 or 50,000, why can avoid notarization direct withdrawal?The fundamental reason is that in this notice, the supervision department has for the first time refined and implemented the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the subject and object of the deposit succession of the deceased depositor, that is, the bank and the withdrawal applicant, so that there are laws to follow, thus greatly avoiding the occurrence of all kinds of disputes and cases in the deposit succession.Better protection of the bank, depositors and withdrawal applicants tripartite legitimate interests.Inherited the past deposits to be notarized, because without a valid will, the legitimate successor is not clear, can lead to falsely, fraud, or take the happening of the fraud, not only failed to protect depositors will, also hurt other legitimate heir interests, at the same time, Banks may also be involved in because of disputes happened “whirlpool”, fame and wealth loss,Notarization becomes a best line of defense.Deposits with principal less than 10,000 or 50,000 yuan or other non-deposit financial products can be inherited without notarization. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of all kinds of dispute cases, it is necessary to consolidate the responsibilities of all parties and clarify rights and obligations.In this article, as the handling bank, its rights and obligations mainly include the following aspects: 1. It shall carry out compliance operations according to the regulatory requirements and provide services for qualified withdrawal applicants; otherwise, it will be subject to complaints or other regulatory penalties.Two, according to the requirements, carry out the identification of the withdrawal person, the general examination of the authenticity of the presentation and the provided materials, and may refuse to handle the application that does not meet the requirements.Third, after earnestly fulfilling the obligation of due diligence, civil disputes or cases arising therefrom do not need to bear any liability, but will be taken out of the pocket of the applicant.As a withdrawal applicant, although the conditions are relaxed, no longer need notarization, withdrawal is more convenient, but the responsibilities and obligations are significantly increased, mainly reflected in the signed “letter of commitment”.When applying for a deposit or other non-deposit financial product, heirs are required to sign a “commitment letter” in person, in addition to providing the necessary documentation, which is basically a disclaimer from the bank.At six main contents are: first, ensure that apply for withdrawal of the statement and the authenticity of the submitted materials, and the other heirs after verified, found no traces of depositors had concluded or bequest three raise agreement, agreed to a one-time withdrawal and pin 4, after I get the deposit, fulfill the duty properly kept, and negotiate with all other heirs distribute extract money five,To be responsible for settling disputes among heirs and assuming compensation liabilities vi. To bear other legal liabilities for breach of commitment.To sum up, if the withdrawal applicant makes false statements, provides false materials such as death certificate, kinship certificate or will, or adopts false claim or sole possession, he/she shall bear the corresponding civil liability for compensation to other legal heirs.If they commit fraud or theft, they may be held criminally liable in addition to civil liability.Therefore, the introduction of simplified withdrawal of small deposits of deceased depositors can greatly facilitate the people’s inheritance of deposits, but if you dare to try the law, will be severely punished by the law.

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