The shed warms the heart

This article was transferred from;Guangming Daily reporter Zhao Qiuli, Feng Fan and Wang Haokui near noon, on the Administrative street of Kuiwen District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, Aunt Chen came to meet Wang Zeman with her bicycle, saying repeatedly: “Master Wang, go out to do business, the rear tire is flat again!””Ok, you wait a moment.”Wang Zeman took the car.He’s been fixing cars for 22 years.This street, familiar!Many places were his “mobile strongholds”.In the words of an acquaintance, Aunt Chen: “Who cares about fixing a car, pumping air and getting a key?But there’s nothing you can do about a flat tire or a broken zipper.With the Little Blue Shed, well!”Chen’s “small blue shed” refers to the convenient service area where Wang Zeman’s car repair stall is located.Speaking of “small blue shed”, Wang Zeman opened a chatterbox.Last year, The kuiwen district comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau of Dong Haiyang to find him said, the district is doing a fixed stall business area, asked him not to report a name, “of course report!I’ve been trying to get a fixed point for years!In the past, I set up stalls everywhere on this street, which was not fixed, and it was very inconvenient for old customers to find me. In windy, rainy and snowy weather, it was impossible to close the stalls.Have a fixed stand, sleep soundly!””Wang Zeman replied.Wang Zeman entered the first fixed management area.”Business is getting better!Za small car repair booth also linked the network, through the public account, small program, we all know that there is such a point, many more customers than before wow.”Wang Zeman pointed to the side and said, “Old Liu, who used to work together in a group, also came in.I heard there are more than 60 stalls.Nearby, Liu Xiangchang smiles: “Last year, the government gave us blue awnings, work clothes and benches. When we put up a sunshade, people around us called the service stalls’ little Blue Booths ‘.This is not, some time ago, the temperature drop, and issued a wind shield.It’s so much warmer to sit in it and repair!””You can’t build a ‘little blue shed’ without the help of everyone!””Civilized service volunteers, urban management law enforcement officers, sanitation workers, community community cadres are involved, they help dismantle and install awning, parasols, cleaning stalls in front of the sanitation, ‘small blue shed’ warm our hearts, but also make the surrounding neighborhood more convenient.”Guangming Daily (February 18, 2022 edition 01)

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