WOW!!!On January 26, the Chungju Science and Technology Museum officially opened.

Zhongxian Science and Technology Museum finally came!Come on, come on!The Chungju Science and Technology Museum will open to the public on January 26 without spending a penny,Advance booking can hi turn all day loyal state science and technology museum is located in zhongxian e-sports town adjacent to the three gorges e-sports pavilion harbor a total construction area of 3500 square meters exhibition hall area of 3200 square meters, aerospace museum set up orderly hall, all mystery castle, science park, hands-on operation, safety and protection, science and technology and the future, spectacular, 5 d cinema nine standing in the exhibition hall and a pavilion altogetherHave large and medium-sized equipment more than 100 pieces of it through mathematical physics, electromagnetic, mechanical mechanics of sound and light show ARVR enhanced virtual reality technology, large data integration display 5 d experience, such as the scientific principle and interactive experience show incisively and vividly citizens interested in friends can cooperate well implement real-name reservation online hen visit after the epidemic prevention and control requirements

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