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Many people’s first house is a marriage house, AND I am no exception.I was born in nanchang, Jiangxi province in 1990 in an ordinary and happy family, although not rich, but not lacking in material.When I was young, my mother did all the washing, cooking and cleaning. I just had to think about how to study and how to get good grades.After graduating from university in 2012, I stayed in Nanjing. Originally, MY business major could have enabled me to find a job in Shanghai. However, although I was born in 211 Project, Shanghai has too high requirements for talents, so I could not find a suitable job for two weeks.In Nanjing, jobs were easy to find, and THEN I went to work in a bank, where I met my daughter-in-law.After working in a bank for two years, I decided to go to graduate school for further study due to difficulties and the liquor culture in the bank. In 2015, I was successfully admitted to the master’s degree of Nanjing University.Since I have worked for two years, the students in my class are all younger than me. After graduating from master’s degree, my girlfriend and I have reached the age of marriage, which is also the beginning of my road to buy a house.At first, we planned to buy an apartment in Nanjing. After all, my girlfriend is a nanjing native. She told me before that she didn’t want to go too far away from home.I think reasonable, after all, Nanjing than Nanchang developed a lot of development opportunities are more.However, we looked at several apartments in Nanjing, which were either too expensive to afford or too far away from the city in the suburbs. Even if we worked in Nanjing in the future, it would be very inconvenient to travel to the city and the commuting time would be too long.Later, after I discussed with her, she was willing to live with me in Nanchang.Although I would go back to Nanchang as soon as I had a holiday when I was a student, IT was not until I came out to work that I found that Nanchang was very different from before. At first glance, high-rise buildings in Honggutan were as good as Xinjiekou in Nanjing.Traffic, Nanchang subway has been opened, no matter to that area are convenient a lot;In recent years, Nanchang has also built several cross-river links, whether honggu tunnel, or chaoyang Bridge, so that the link between the two sides of Nanchang is also more rapid, although the Bayi Bridge is still blocked in the morning and evening rush hours.After discussing with my parents, I decided that the down payment budget for the wedding house was about 400,000 yuan. After finalizing the budget, I began to look for a house.Nanchang 17 years of housing prices are in the stage of wild rise, it is no exaggeration to say that the basic is a price a day, sales department there sales, and even directly to you, and is not written into the contract inside the kind of price.Originally I also want to say, marriage house marriage house, bought the basic is a lifetime thing, to slowly take good consideration, but looking at the price does have a bit of sit.I didn’t look for a job that month. I just looked for an apartment.I selected slowly according to the method of elimination. First, I hope to settle down in Red Valley Beach, where the transportation is more convenient.Though xinjian was cheaper, I wanted to live in the center of the city so that my wife and I wouldn’t have to worry about commuting, no matter where we worked.Another is the school district problem, since it is a marriage room that will certainly have children, it is impossible to say that children go to school and then change, after all, buying a house is not a small matter, it is impossible to want to change.At the beginning, in order to narrow the scope of house viewing, MY parents and I agreed to give priority to big developers such as Greenland, Poly and SONY. These developers have strong capital. Firstly, they are not prone to the situation of bad tail, and secondly, they hold the property by themselves, so that they can better serve us owners in the future.Finally, I looked at the Red Horn State. I don’t know. The Red Horn state was in the early stages of development, but everything was already built.There are a lot of real estate developments in The United Thai, I went to each big real estate to walk around, can be regarded as a more attractive.It is not far from the entrance of subway Line 2 and only a 15-minute walk away.Just went into the sales department, the reception staff are particularly good, gentle and considerate;Sales department design, but also more advanced, a sense of design.Before I have seen a lot of offers, but those property consultants in the market, you just ask two more words, give you look, but I went to the sales department did not have this problem.I was looking at a 108 ㎡ 3 bedroom, just need to be a family, the whole family design feeling is similar to other similar products on the market, the only difference, is that they take a toilet window, which is less common, after have the baby, can be placed in the window that position a baby bath tub, also quite good.In terms of floors, I chose the 18th floor. The top floor is considered as a loft, but it is too expensive. The top floor is hot in summer and cold in winter, so it is not particularly comfortable to live in.But although the lower level is much cheaper, but I see the sales department of the sand table, the tree is quite high, according to my own experience before renting a house, the general 3 floors below will be north ordinary trees to block the sun;If the tree was higher, it could reach the fourth floor, so after discussing with my parents, I finally decided not to consider floors below the fourth floor.Although has paid the down payment, but because it is period room, I decided to after the partnership, and daughter-in-law wedding, my daughter-in-law also agreed, so we will set up a time two families eat meal, daughter-in-law family know I graduate, in order to get married again go to buy a house, have been praised me is practical, is a good guy, also very agree with their daughter and I went to a.In this way, we ended our six-year relationship and got the license at the end of 18.In 2021, we finally live in our own new home and have a wonderful wedding.Now my wife is pregnant, and the due date is May 22.Although the mortgage pressure is not small, but I still feel very happy, and I am sure that the family life will be better and better in the future.Article source: Leju buy a house

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