Du Jiang’s marital infidelity melon?

Lin Update rub heat?Not long after Su won the gold medal in the men’s big jump in snowboarding, Lin went to comment on su, saying he knew him well.Can be embarrassing, netizens found Lin update just focus on Su Yi, 7 and 14 years ago Su Yi sound or multiple @ updates, Lin children when updates are overlooked, Lin Su Yi before singing a gold medal is black, the update is Lin did not come out to say a word, the somebody else’s title, he is out, it’s not just the rollover?In fact, Lin Updates this person originally love ceng heat, his actual national degree is marketing + ceng up, this time he commented on Su Yiming data are yellow V, this wave of heat ceng, although he was scolded a wave, but gold V return.And in the future, Su yiming will definitely be mixed with sports and entertainment circles, and Lin Gengxin will have the opportunity to meet. Once they meet, cooperate and contact, Lin Gengxin will have a lot of opportunities to wash the white.Du Jiang’s marital infidelity melon?Some bloggers reported a chat between Du jiang and an Internet celebrity. Although Du jiang’s studio explained the incident, many people were not convinced.Frankly speaking: the entertainment circle to make love the wife people set most will overturn the car with vigour and vitality, do not believe we can wait to see!This circle is a little strange, they are the lack of what the more love marketing what, almost everyone’s “set” and real people are very different, Du Jiang the couple is the same.After Du Jiang overturned, many people went to the comment section of Huo Siyan’s Weibo to tell her to run, which was a bit funny….This couple is not so simple as everyone imagines. Neither of them is good. Both of them are artists of a certain company, which is a nice way to put it: both of them are dedicated to their careers.The netizen ran to huo Siyan comment area to let her run quickly, but they know more than the netizen to go, do not need to remind her what to do.Huo Siyan dare not divorce?Huo Siyan came out to support Du Jiang after the accident, replying “I believe”. Her words helped du Jiang out of the crisis, at least temporarily.After all, although the netizens love to eat melon, but also won’t be bored, most people see the wife of the other people are out to talk, also don’t go to continue to discuss, this wave of public opinion probability will slowly disappear under the dujiang team’s whitewashing.Siyan huo was motivated to stand up to speak for study on modern hotel groups can’t thing, at the moment, after all, two people or a community of interests, siyan huo now cause landslides, most of the resources in the study on modern hotel groups there, even if the study on modern hotel groups have infidelity, she also can’t divorce, look to the entertainment circle, which divorce sister not cause strong than men.In addition, Huo Siyan also carries a DY melon on her body, which is also a bomb for her. For the sake of the future of her children and family, she has to swallow her pride sometimes.Yan Chengxu and Wu Jianhao fit hype?Jerry Yan and Wu Jianhao recently participated in a variety show together, the two of them in the program constantly mentioned F4 and meteor Garden, etc., a very nostalgic appearance.In fact, they mention these at this time, but just want to take advantage of the feelings of the heat, they are now F4 in a relatively good mix of two, can not really feel F4 solo is a pity….Artists are profit-seeking. The reason why Yan Chengxu and Wu Jianhao fit together is that at this moment, 1+1 can be > 2, and the two coffee positions match, there is no sign of poverty alleviation, so they are willing to cooperate with each other.Yeung Ching-ngai has his heart in his mouth?Chengyi that ancient Andy and I will soon be aired, the show was on Andy is buried there, but see their broadcast before the work is no spark, new play broadcast in sight, seem to only the play and burst point, so Andy team will this play out of his plan into the plan.However, Yang zi is also very clear that the former company was originally used to promote Yi. She is a tool person at best, so Yang Zi has no intention of relying on the former company to help her with marketing. Most of the publicity and operation plan of the drama about herself will be up to her.Once the play is broadcast, the men and women will certainly not be very harmonious, Cheng Yi there wants to be beautiful alone, even if and Yang Zi hype, will certainly purification, this Yang Zi side had already prepared for battle.

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