Embarrassed!Barca parallel goods want to go no one, former teacher face to face denial, But Harvey is the main power

As a Barcelona fan, this winter window can be said to be quite moist.In terms of acquisitions, they have signed four players in a row, especially three wingers from the Premier League, which can greatly improve the team’s attack.Secondly, in terms of selling people, after sending away Coutinho, the salary pressure of the team has been greatly reduced.However, barca’s management failed to send Dembele away in this winter window.Prior to the opening of the winter window, it was reported that Dembele was demanding a salary of €4,000 a year as the first player in football, as well as a signing fee of €2,000.It is clear that even the most expensive club could not afford dembele, let alone Barcelona.Dembele “lion open mouth” the purpose is very clear, that is determined to leave the current Barca.For many Barcelona fans, Dembele’s behavior is very angry.Dembele’s contract expires in June this year and his intention not to renew it is clear that he wants to leave on a free transfer in order to secure a higher salary.Dembele, who has spent more than half his time on the sidelines since joining Barcelona for $130m, has been one of the club’s biggest acquisitions in recent years.But considering dembele’s age, barca still want to hold on to the player who was once worth more than $100 million.But the Frenchman’s decision to abandon Barca has upset many fans, including the club’s president Joan Laporta.In an interview, Laporta volunteered that a player who does not want to renew his contract and is not with the team next season should not get playing time.The Barca president was unhappy with dembele and his agent and denied the player’s participation.In fact, in this winter window, Barcelona do not want to send dembele.But after more than a month of time, although there are a lot of dembele transfer news, but are big talk.And much of the content is more likely to be fabricated by the media themselves.Chelsea have been linked with a move for Dembele and tuchel is likely to make a move for the former pupil.But in a recent interview, Tuchel directly denied the rumor.Tuchel said the club had never been in contact with Dembele during the winter window.Former teacher face to face denial, let heart transfer of dembele also feel a lot of embarrassment.Dembele may want to leave, but what club in the world would pay a lot for a player who has played only half a game in the past few years?Dembele’s case, belonging to a typical pickpocket, believe that which a rich family will not easily believe his words.Although Dembele is currently out of favour, there is one coach who wants to stand up for his player, and he is Barcelona coach Xavi.Although the player’s actions have hurt the club, Xavi still wants the player to be available for the rest of the season and the Barca legend is even willing to convince Joan laporta.Xavi has rebelled against the president for Dembele, which is unusual. Do you think Barca should still use the Frenchman who has not renewed his contract?

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