Gaohe Automobile has won the double crown of global cars, and its powerful strength continuously improves users’ driving experience

In the 8th Global Car 2021 Grand Ceremony, the super car SUV Gaohe HiPhi X won the “Car of the Year award”.Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of GaHE Automobile, won the 2021 Global Car “Automobile Innovation Figure of the Year” award. Gahe Automobile showed its strong strength to the public at the arrival of the New Year.As an important automobile feast in China, the annual Global Automobile Festival has always adhered to the principle of “fairness, openness and justice” since its first session in 2014, attracting much attention from both inside and outside the industry.The global car annual ceremony to “new cars to the end” as the theme, held in the “most beautiful service area” yangcheng Lake service area.The recent strong performance of high – car unsurprisingly became a big winner.Xiaobian is not surprised that Gaohe Won the prize in 2021.Ding Lei, founder of GaHE Automobile, positioned gaHE automobile as “the first luxury brand in the new world”. He believed that in the new world and new era, GaHE Automobile was fully capable of creating a future-oriented luxury brand from China to compete with traditional luxury brands.Therefore, in terms of starting height, high-harmony cars have already occupied an advantage.And the super car SUV HiPhi X award, the organizer is as follows:Under the thinking of “scene-defining cars”, Gaohe has got rid of the “old method” of defining cars in terms of wheelbase, vehicle height, acceleration, power, range and other hardware functions, and innovatively started from users’ usage scenarios and designed according to scene-defining to meet users’ diverse scenarios for future intelligent travel.The h-SOA superbody electronic and electrical architecture behind the supercar SUV HiPhi X realizes the separation of software and hardware and the construction of standardized service interface through the construction of software middleware, realizing the flexible combination of functions and laying the foundation of “software thinking”.H-soa superbody electronic and electrical architecture is a technical manifestation of co-creation between Gaohe and users. In terms of concept, Gaohe also attaches importance to the voice of users.Gaohe establishes a direct connection channel between oEms and users. Through a complete service network and online community, users can directly talk with enterprises, so that enterprises can hear the needs of users, so that users can enjoy better and considerate service.On the other hand, automobile enterprises can truly obtain users’ opinions and feedbacks, and even create products and brands with users to inject continuous innovation vitality into the development of enterprises.It can be said that the arrival of HiPhi X truly brings epoch-making future travel experience to China’s automobile market, which is exactly the most important in the new Car 2.0 era!In 2022, the automobile market will be more intense, more technology giants will make cars, and the traditional giants will continue to make efforts to move towards electrification. The high Efficiency automobile can win the “Car of the Year” award at the global automobile Festival, which shows its strength. Let’s wait and see its performance in 2022!

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