Japanese NTS displacement sensor

Hello, everyone, I am Li Gong, Japanese NTS displacement sensor Division, a product service provider in the Chinese market. NTS displacement sensors can be roughly divided into two categories, one is NTS linear displacement sensor, one is NTS Angle displacement sensor, which is the same as the electronic rulers and potentiometers that our staff say in the technical field.Today with everyone to learn the Japanese Nts displacement sensor related later maintenance knowledge.Japanese NTS displacement sensor TCF-10N in each workshop in the process of use will appear so different problems, here with you to solve in detail.The first problem is the TCF – 10 n linear displacement sensor is how long service life, this is the place where many related staff concern, actually the service life of TCF – 10 n sensor has a lot to do with its own operation maintenance, if under the condition of the indoor environment running well, NTS displacement sensor of longer life, generally in three to five years,When the displacement sensor has poor contact, aging equipment, measurement accuracy is not accurate, it needs to be replaced.The Japanese NTS displacement sensor TCF-10N is also prone to failure during installation in the aerospace field.Therefore, when the displacement sensor TCF-10N is installed, a separate ground wire should be connected. Do not share the same power supply with other electronic equipment, which is also to prevent high voltage and other electrostatic frequency modulation interference.If the connected power supply produces static electricity, the sensor NTS displacement sensor TCF-10N will make the displacement data measured on the display controller keep radical beating, resulting in inaccurate measurement, which is a point that needs special attention.Japan NTS displacement sensorLch-5kn LCH-10kN LCH-20kN LCH-30KNNTS compression sensor LCH-50kN LCH-100kN LCH-200kN LCH-300kN LCH-500kN LCX-5KNLcx-10kn LCX-20KNNTS compression sensor LCX-50kN LCX-100kN LCX-200kN LCX-500KN Aggregate batching sensor NTS torque sensor TCF-10N TCF-20N TCF-50N TCF-100NTcf-200n TCF-500N TCF-1000N TCF-2000NNTS Torque sensor TCF-5000N NTA-1kN NTA-2.5kN NTA-5kNTCR: 10 nm, 20 nm, 50 nm, 100 nm, 200 nm, 500 nm to 1000 nm, 2000 nm aggregate ingredients sensor NSA – 1.5 KN NSA – 2 KN NSA – 3 KN NSA – 5 KNNTS torsion sensor NSA – 7.5 KN NSA – 10 KN

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