Son xi: “sorry, I dare not……”He gently coaxed: “guai, don’t cry I love.”

Many fans will ask why xiaobian is humorous and funny.The answer, of course, is to read novels every day.Today to recommend a few good and exciting novels, if you feel good, I hope you are special, handsome, charming little brother little sister to small make up the article point a praise plus a concern yo, small make up will recommend love, through, ancient pet and other theme novels every day.Son Xi: “SORRY, I dare not…”He gently coathe way: “lovely, don’t cry I love” # novel recommendation # the first book: “Fast wear of the female with 18 type” author: Charming life introduction: a car accident captured her life, I do not know from where the system forcibly bound her, so that she had to enter the novel for all kinds of female with complete wish, get rebirth.”If the system is successfully bound, double credits will be deducted for mission failure, and once the credits are cleared, the host will be forcibly erased into the pit.”Jiang Zi Xi was awakened by pain.He rubbed his head and looked around.It was an empty palace. It was more like an old house that had not been lived in for a long time, but it looked so splendid that Jiang Zi Xi did not know what was going on.”I said system, why didn’t you tell me earlier, into a mission so painful?”Jiang Zi Xi rubbed his head and muttered to himself.A cold voice in my head: “The host is in place. Is it accepting the memory?”She doesn’t own this body.Originally she lived in the 21st century, heavy this top student, very not easy with a rural identity to mix the manager’s position, but in the office of the day was killed by a car.She was not yet thirty when she died.Then the system appears, unscrupulously bound to her.”If you can collect fifty thousand points, you can return to your original body.”That’s what the first encounter system says.She didn’t even have the right to react, but she heard the cold voice in her head: “Bind host successfully, enter the first novel, bonus points 10.”The system has explained that it is born of the resentment of women in novels, and can exist as long as there are novels in the world.And the so-called host, is to complete the last wish for these women, and all the rewards of the host, are from these women.In other words, her survival depends on whether she can fulfill their wishes.”Embrace the memories.”Jiang Zi Xi said softly.A huge amount of information flowed into Jiang Zi Xi’s mind.This is called “queen don’t run, I am from is” Mary Sue harem play, female since childhood long in the mountains, is raised by a worldly expert, later down the mountain experience, dressed as a man happened to encounter the emperor.After a period of love and hate, it is lovers eventually become Jack shall Have Jill, she ascended after the throne, and the Emperor and the United States of life.(click below free reading) the second: “fast wear big guy and crazy” author: naked steamed bread introduction: practice crazy south kite turned a god beast, help her shuttle in three thousand world, collect the power of faith.Always kill not to save the south kite, from now on, a good man.Unfortunately, it’s hard to be a good man.You raise her as a son and then you turn into the Lord of the realm, desperate to keep her in captivity?Guide to the pit: as we all know, the south Kite love practice, is a big guy can not afford to provoke.I mean, they’re gorgeous, but when they fight, they just want you to cry daddy.One day, I heard that the south kite big guy abducted the only seedlings of the holy beast virtual small eight, with the cub to three thousand world waves.For a moment, the enslaved monsters cried and howled with joy for three days and nights….This night, the moon and wind are high, appropriate to abduct the beast.South kite hand carrying altar handy touch of peach blossom brew, hand holding empty beast virtual small sugar, swagger away.”Kite, are we running away from home?””Asked the soft voice of the cotton-like cub, who sat on her shoulder and twisted his fat little waist.”…Calculate.”South kite looked up and filled a peach blossom brew, walking steady, feet if the wind, back unrestrained arbitrary, not half body for animal traffickers consciously.”It’s a good thing I left a message for Daddy.”South kite two fingers clipped the edge of the wine altar, and drank a few mouths. full red lips were infiltrated by the wine crystal clear, under the moonlight more add a brilliant color.”What world do you want to go to first, Kite?””Either, whatever you want.”Stay in one world, and then move on if you’re not happy.”What identity does the kite want?””Identity is best left alone.”She hated people who chattered so much that they interfered with her meditation and practice, and she was afraid that she could not resist the idea of bulldozing the whole place.Virtual small sugar did not expect the kite so good to talk, eyes sparkling, “good ~ I go to turn over daddy gave me the” three thousand world letters “, first to find a kite about the world to adapt.The wine in the jar just drink, the woman Hao Wrist gently turned over, empty wine was thrown out, in the quiet night issued a crisp sound.A man and a beast drifted away and soon merged into the night….Introduction: Nanxun met a fort god beast, can take her to shuttle through the world, she helped god beast to collect merit value, after success can go back to the past to change the end of the body dead different place.But now, she’s regretting. She’s regretting.Nima that merit value is from the black value of 100 evil read value of 100 villain boss into the pit guide: this is a clean and beautiful let people reluctant to close to the woman, for fear of getting close will stain her body that do not provoke dust temperament.Nanxun blinked at the woman in the water, and the people in the water blinked too.”All right, all right, stop feeling sorry for yourself and think about how your task will end –” The Void Beast’s words stopped abruptly in the middle.”Small eight?Small eight?”Nanxun called several times but also did not see the other party promised.Nanxun murmured strangely and looked around without noticing anything wrong.Finding blood in his hair and face, Nanxun squatted down, dipped his hair into the water, turned his head sideways and combed it with his hands, thinking as he combed it.Since her goal is to spend the magic king, must go to the magic king side, at the moment and close just a chance, thanks to her only left for a day, but also for the present escaped marriage to find an excuse.After washing his long hair, Nanxun directly bowed a handful of water and sprinkled it on his face.Drops of water down her cheeks one by one down, under the refraction of the sun a glittering light, sliding down like a pearl.Suddenly hearing something, Nanxun turned around and looked.Under a big tree not far from her, a long-eared rabbit was looking at her very carefully.The rabbit had a pair of red eyes, dark and dark, with a gnawing air of gloom.Nanxun did not notice that her heart was completely melted by the furry animal.Long-eared rabbit is one of the lowest spiritual animals, herbivorous, no harm to Nanxun, and the little guy is furry, look particularly cute.Nanxun picked up his skirt and walked softly over, squatting down and staring at the long-eared rabbit.The long-eared rabbit did not dodge, just stay in place, waiting for the woman to approach.”Bunny, are you lost?Come, come to sister’s arms, sister take you home.”Nanxun smiled and coaxed his way, reaching out and holding the long-eared rabbit in his hand.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. If you have anything you want to say to xiaobian, you can comment in the comments area below the end of the article. Xiaobian can see it and look forward to your comments.If you like the novel recommended by xiaobian, you can click on the homepage of xiaobian to browse more good-looking novels!Son xi: “sorry, I dare not……”He gently coaxed way: “lovely, don’t cry I love dearly” past wonderful content: Yiyi: “please let me go” he strong mask crazy hoarse way: baby lovely, immediately good!”Urban immortal zun” luo Chen he xiuxian return, one person can block ten million enemy!And see his revenge road “I have seven big brothers” from a small village to eat a hundred family poor young lady……Mengying: “Please, no!”He surly way “elder sister lovely, you can only give birth to a child for me”!

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