Why did ancient soldiers fall to the ground after being shot by arrows?I dare not move until I’m dead

Is it true that ancient archers are so skilled that they can be killed with one shot?In fact, even if a soldier is not dead after being shot by an arrow, he does not dare to act rashly, for fear of being shot by a poisoned arrow and speeding up the attack time of the poison.In order to expand the territory of the country, ancient emperors would not hesitate to launch wars. In the era of cold weapons, bow and arrow is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons. Even in many war-themed movies and TV plays, archers can shoot the enemy down with one arrow.But the world wondered why the soldier fell dead after being shot by an arrow.Are archers really so powerful that they can kill you with a single shot?In fact, ancient soldiers dare not move even if they are not dead after being hit by an arrow!According to Sohu.com, ancient bows and arrows are not as good as modern ones. When soldiers are tired, they can shoot more than 100 meters. Moreover, bows and arrows need to be drawn and aimed, so the chance of killing an enemy with one arrow is not high.Therefore, in order to increase the damage of the arrow, the ancients would contaminate the arrow with poison or filth, allowing toxins and bacteria to flow through the blood and penetrate the body.In The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, it is recorded that Guan Yu was hit by a poisoned arrow when he attacked the city. Once the poison enters the body, it will flow through the blood. The faster you move, the faster the poison will attack, and it is almost not far from death.Therefore, the soldiers after the arrow, because they are not sure whether it is a poison arrow, in order to delay the time of poison attack, as far as possible to make their own survival, can only obediently fall to play dead, waiting for rescue.Even if it is not a poison arrow, the wound will only be more torn under forced combat, such as the popular “three-arrowheads” in the Spring and Autumn Period. Once hit by such arrows, forcibly pulling will only tear the meat and the arrow out.In addition, the ancient war, archers, they get together to form a neat circle, directly towards the enemy of arrows rain, once an arrow, means that the arrow the rain is coming, when soldiers on the ground only, did not move the hiding under the shield cover, once the risk s have shot.

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