Important announcement!It’s about the provincial civil service examination

Announcement of Cancellation or Reduction of Recruitment Plan for Civil Servants employed by Government Examinations at All Levels in Jilin Province In accordance with the provisions of the announcement of Recruitment of Civil Servants employed by Government Examinations at All Levels in Jilin Province in 2022, the recruitment plan for cancelled or reduced positions will be announced.Candidates who have registered for the cancellation or Reduction of Recruitment Plan for Civil Servants in the 2022 Jilin Provincial Examinations for Government Offices at all levels can apply for other qualified positions instead of the cancellation of recruitment plan and retain the recruitment plan. Candidates who have not reached the opening proportion of the examination and who have registered for this position,Can be changed to conform to the qualifications of the examinee of other position “in the note column of (marked as” 1 were held to select plan normal, keep one enroll plan “and” were held a enroll plan normal, keep the 2 enroll plan “of the students don’t need to change to other position), must be on February 17, at 8:30 to jilin civil service exam comes to login network to conform to the qualifications of other positions.Please be sure to complete the amendment before 14:30, February 17th. After the approval, you should confirm the payment again before 16:30, February 17th.The original registration fee will be refunded automatically by the system within 30 working days after the completion of the registration.Special reminder: candidates involved in the change of report are allowed to change only once.① Those who do not change the application form will be regarded as giving up the application automatically;② If the applicant fails to re-confirm the payment or reselect the position after submitting the application, he/she will be deemed to have given up the application automatically;③ If the candidate fails to pass the examination after he/she re-selects the position and submits it, he/she will be regarded as failing to change the report.Candidates involved in the change of application should carefully choose the position according to the relevant qualifications.The civil service bureau of jilin province on February 16, 2022 note: please read text editor: Guo Yuqian Cui lovells editor: xue-zhi zhang producers: zhuang power source: siping daily new media center of jilin civil service exam net statement: images, audio and video, all peer originator if violating the legitimate rights and interests of you, please contact us, we will remove in time.

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