Lake’s Lake story: the legendary life of Jia Dai Eldest brother

All corners of the country are bound to fight and kill, but fight and kill can not be a big brother!Jia Dai was born Ren Jiazhong in Beijing in 1963.He grew up in a poor family, dropped out of school early, began to walk on the society, mixed up the river’s lake.In all corners of the country, Jiadai brother can be said to be very righteous. He treats his brothers with sincerity, friends with justice and wealth, and is polite to strangers, but he punches at his enemies without mercy.Add generation appearance gentle handsome, but the heart is extremely strong, 18 years old alone into Shenzhen.Once, in Shenzhen east gate pedestrian street to see a long with ximenqing the same villain is bullying a weak woman.Jiadai, however, picked up the small dish in the stall and beat it to its knees, begging for mercy. “Forgive us,” he said.After inquiring that this person is shenzhen east gate area famous bully, the person sends nickname “east bully day”.Gaday became famous from then on.In the following years, add generation in Shenzhen is hit a day.Shenzhen’s northeast gang, Chaozhou gang, Hunan gang are afraid of the addition of three points.Add generation had picked up to Hua wave personally, century thief King Zhang Ziqiang to add generation eldest brother admire to the ground, to its call a brother.Jiadai later made friends with Li Childe, from his career, wealth, contacts to the peak of life, known as the “King of Shenzhen”.Jia Dai has never forgotten his roots, he returned to Beijing, to help a lot of Beijing old guns, stubborn Lord, he helped the crisis, in Beijing by a large number of people admire.Jia Dai is also the most respected person in bai Xiaohang’s life.Jia Dai has a lot of brothers in the show business, ge You, Ma Weidu, Liang Tian, Zang Tianshuo, Ren Dahua, Yu Qian and so on, his younger brother Jinggangshan, Ma Wenjun, Chen Yufan, Wu Jing and so on.Jiadai big brother has a wide range of contacts, which really makes people admire.Unfortunately, on May 31, 2020, Jia Dai eldest brother, suffering from lymphatic cancer, sailed west.

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