Never look down upon that lone Wolf

Have read such a sentence: “can withstand loneliness, must be an ideal person.He who can bear solitude must be a man of thought.”If you think about it, it is.For human nature, loneliness, loneliness is unbearable torture.However, the contradiction in life is, too often, people want more beautiful, brilliant, after all, need to use loneliness to repay.A person who can take the initiative to embrace loneliness and enjoy solitude, then they must be a person with inner fullness and self-enrichment.Such a person is often more able to remove a series of unnecessary bondage and binding, so as to manage their life more and more wonderful.Lin Huiyin once said, “The real calmness is not to avoid the noise of cars and horses, but to cultivate chrysanthemums in your heart.If you want to measure how strong a man is inside, the test is whether he can stand alone.”In life, people will be afraid of loneliness, will hate to be alone, always want to go to the crowd, so as to counteract the fear of loneliness.However, in this world, no one will always accompany you, some road is doomed to a person through.When a person’s heart is strong enough, they may face loneliness and some discomfort, but they can adjust themselves and live their own life well.I know a girl like this: when she just graduated from college, something happened to her family. Her company went bankrupt and she owed a lot of debt. Her father died of illness.At the time, many people worried that such a weak girl might not be able to withstand such a blow.But she did not cry with anyone, every day hard work, evening a person study charge.Within five years, she had paid off all her family’s debts and her life was getting better and better.There is a saying: “The person who can resist crying when he is alone and hold his teeth when he is broken will have a strong heart and be destined to be a hero.”In this life, no one can guarantee a lifetime of being cared for, and no one can always be smooth sailing.Those who are able to go their own way are more likely to have a stronger heart, which allows them to overcome all adversity and live a better life.There is such a sentence in the Mob: “People in a group are just one of many grains of sand, which can be blown anywhere by the wind.”In this life, energy and time are limited.If we try to fit in because we’re afraid of being alone, we’ll just end up being dragged along by life, losing ourselves while trying to fit in with the lives of others.Only when a person can leave certain space for themselves, then can enrich themselves, live into what they want to be.Read such a story on the Internet: a young man, in college, when others are in groups, and he always go alone every day, when others are in entertainment shopping, he is a person bubble in the library.Many of his classmates felt that he was so because he was withdrawn and some even laughed at him for being a bookworm.Yet far from being indifferent to all these views, he enjoys living the way he does.Finally, four years later, when he was admitted to the graduate school of his ideal school with excellent results, everyone realized that he was not solitary, but because he was doing his best for his goal.The poet Wang Guozhen said, “Those who control time can control life.”Being alone is a natural choice to be able to spend all of your time on yourself, because with anyone you have to think about what others think.Only by yourself can you do what you want to do all the time, and your life will run more smoothly.Loner, more focus on deep cultivation of their own “Ordinary World” said: “we can not get rid of ordinary, but can get rid of mediocrity.”In fact, the road to success is not as crowded as we think, but the road is not as easy as we think.It requires you to abandon instant gratification, be patient with self-improvement, and endure long periods of solitude.In the TV series “Hello, sharpshooter”, why can Shen Qingyuan achieve such excellent results in shooting?Some might say, because he has talent, he has genius.But in fact, the so-called genius, also need 99% perspiration.In the drama, we can see that even though he has achieved great results, He never attends any events or accepts any endorsements that have nothing to do with shooting.And in the practice of shooting, whenever how many times can not reach their preset results, they asked themselves to run several laps in the playground.It was because he put all his time and energy into shooting that he got the label of “genius” and won the final glory.Lu Xun said: “The beast must walk alone, cattle and sheep can flock.”Loners, not because they are truly lonely, but because they know how to use all the time available to cultivate themselves.Such people, even if now is not how dazzling, but god will give them gifts, so that they have a brighter, broader future.Writer Liu Tong said, “Being unsociable is superficial loneliness, while being gregarious is inner loneliness.People who actively enjoy being alone tend to be mentally strong, have their own agenda, and focus on cultivating themselves.Eventually, their lives will continue to shine.END author: slightly cool from the rain, a rational, perceptual, like to use words to express personal views, to bring you spiritual healing, emotional confusion, life feeling after 90 writers.

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