On February 19, the second season of Guangdong TV’s “Amazing Four” reignited the flames of war!

It is a stage to witness miracles, challenge the limits of human potential, and overturn the public perception of acrobatics;This is a stage in pursuit of the ultimate art, breathtaking and beautiful “Wang Zha” performance, blooming the charm of Chinese acrobatics heritage for thousands of years.

From guangzhou city gen wen brigade chief special broadcast, fly a dog to MOCO strongly sponsored by the China’s first large-scale acrobatics culture shows “astonishing” in the second quarter, included in the state administration of radio and television in 2021 “Chinese cultural radio and television transmission project” key project, on February 19th every Saturday as in guangdong TV broadcast blockbuster, guangdong TV.King assembled, war escalation!In 2020, “Shock of Four” became A dark horse of variety shows and shot to fame.The first season of the program with the “acrobatic +” innovation mode, to help inherit the millennium of Chinese acrobatic art to break the circle, with a new attitude to return to the public vision.In the highly competitive Saturday primetime, the program ranked among the top 6 viewers nationwide, and the final ranked the fifth in the country, with 114 hot searches and lists.This season, 30 groups of top acrobatic elites from all over the country will compete fiercely through four major competitions, cross the field and integrate multiple trendy elements, experience the deduction test of A variety of theme styles, and compete for the “2022” Gold Medal Acrobatic show “, as well as the A corner of the off-line acrobatic field show.Among them, have won domestic and foreign awards acrobatic “ceiling”, such as the top technical talent Xing Yunwei, magic master Zhen Zequan;There are folk gods with hardcore skills, such as Chen Tao, the master of rolling rings, Luo Haibin, the inheriter of the top bench, and Lu Keqiang, the first person in China’s aerial swinging tube;There are countless circle fans popular troupe actors, such as “acrobatic Prince” Cui Yan, hanging hair girl Zhao Zixuan, Inner Mongolia kick bowl sisters tao;There are very exotic overseas players, such as the Russian couple Vitali, Yulia…They will be more rich and shocking acrobatic categories, more touching Chinese stories, more visual and visual impact of the art feast, burst out to lead the future of Chinese acrobatics new power!Stars join, cross – boundary integration!Boost officer to open the new world of acrobatics to continue the core of “Chinese acrobatics is youth”, this season’s program will continue to try to cross the field of integration, and invite guests across different fields as the star boost officer, through their diverse and unique perspective, all-round show the new style of acrobatics.Huang Doudou, a famous dance artist, loves dancing and has won many international awards. He is committed to telling Chinese stories through dance.In the program, he constantly explores the fusion of acrobatic culture and artistic aesthetics, helping players polish the ultimate stage.Acrobatic performance art golden partner, shoulder ballet founder Wu Zhengdan and Wei Baohua, will be strictly checked from a professional point of view for acrobats.In their opinion, the A Angle of acrobatic drama should not only be able to “heaven and earth”, master acrobatic projects in the air and on the ground, but also need to have high artistic accomplishment.Huang Ling, a famous singer and actress, has made great achievements in film, video, singing and other fields, but she is still a “little white” in the field of acrobatics. In the interview, she said, “This is the first time I have seen acrobatics live in more than 30 years. When I saw their extraordinary skills up close, I felt extremely impressed.”Chen Lei, the acrobatic “Grand slam” player in the last season, will also return to the program as a teaching assistant, and popularize the cold knowledge of acrobatics to the public in an easy-to-understand way.With the progress of the program, there will be music producer Huang Guolun, gold agent Huo Wenxi and other cross-industry guests to join, so that the audience in the satisfaction of visual experience, feel the beauty of acrobatic culture stretching for thousands of years.Luxury choreography, top with camera!The acrobatic performance presented in “Acrobatic Highlights” is not a single movement accumulation, but a stage show integrating ideology, artistry, appreciation and story.According to the program director Xing Dixi, the first season of the program to “acrobatic +” innovative form to achieve the broken circle, so that the ancient art is more young people accepted.The new season program will return to the comprehensive artistic expression of acrobatics on the stage, excavating the new power of acrobatics with the potential of “A Angle”, so that the audience really walk into the art of acrobatics.In the TV presentation of the national acrobatic show, the program is the first innovative use of high-speed crossing machine, to achieve 360° aerial circular shooting, close up to present an unprecedented shocking picture;Flexible use of lifting ice screen and high water curtain, strengthen the overall sense of visual space, create an immersive story atmosphere;Multiple hd cameras capture performance details with a powerful audio-visual impact, breaking the aesthetic barrier between acrobatics and the audience!Produced by Xi Yue TV Guangzhou Rongchuang culture travel city chief special broadcast fly dog MOCO strongly sponsored Guangdong TV “technology surprised four” the second season of the new voyage from February 19 every Saturday 21:10 launched to invite you to witness the acrobatic king of the journey of chasing light writing/Huang Zehui editor/Zhang Jiayun editor/Zhang Ruixiang editor/Jiang Chang ‘an

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