One step ahead of the “smart unmanned” era, these Winter Olympics are a billion things different

The Winter Olympic Games are about to open. This year, although the “epidemic” is an unstable factor compared with previous years, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games still brings the winter sports event to the eyes of everyone through perfect preparations.In addition to the stadium to see the athletes and 2022 winter games, still can find a lot of “black” science and technology, such as like a band-aid “temperature stick” the size of bed, can sleep monitoring, automatic adjustment of intelligence and intelligent unmanned products everywhere, so today will bring you to count “technology games” fu can now under the new “black” science and technology.No matter the athletes coming from afar or the staff serving the events, replenishing energy for the body is a very important thing. In the main media center of this Winter Olympics, “smart restaurant” has become the presence of Internet celebrities.In this special restaurant, from the production of dishes, to the distribution of the table, has been achieved “unmanned”, even in the kitchen, there will not be a traditional “chef”, but 120 cooking robots.The 3,680-square-meter restaurant is topped with a large number of cloud rails, which serve as “food deliverers”. After ordering food at the stall, you just sit and wait for the food to descend from the cloud rails to the table.In addition, the restaurant with general wisdom restaurants also have very big distinction in operating time, and in addition to providing early, middle and late three concentrated eating meals outside of time, also have the ability to open 24 hours, during the winter Olympics held all the machine was on, whenever you enter the restaurant, can eat the food of to do now,Such as afternoon tea, snack such needs can be completely satisfied.The advantages brought by unmanned are also obvious. The smart restaurant can not only operate for 24 hours continuously, but also reduce the workload of epidemic prevention and improve the efficiency of catering.Hamburger production, for example, Hamburg, intelligent machine from heating bread, Fried meat pie now to supplement, lettuce, sauce was done independently by mechanical equipment, hamburgers, like assembly line products, can be in a unified standard production quickly, not only ensure the taste, also improved the efficiency, Hamburg, intelligent machine can make a hamburger every 20 seconds.Now in many scenes of life, robots can be seen, such as distribution robots deployed in hotels, shopping malls with voice service robots, food delivery robots in restaurants and so on.Compared with these ways of relying on robots to solve a single application scenario, this Winter Olympics is more like a “robot assembly”, such as security patrol, contactless delivery, sterilization and disinfection, intelligent robots can be seen.Inside the stadium, security robots patrol the venue with smart lines and record movements with cameras even after midnight.Compared with traditional robots that only follow a given route, the new generation of robots are equipped with ToF sensors, radar and intelligent obstacle avoidance systems, which will automatically stop or choose to take a detour when confronted with people or objects.In the stadium, there will also be sterilization robots for all-weather disinfection operations, in order to avoid contact with each other, but also to ensure the efficiency and continuity of sterilization operations.In addition, in order to be able to provide a higher temperature, personnel, management efficiency, the winter Olympics movement emerged in the temperature measurement robot, compared with the traditional fixed temperature measurement, it can be flexible deployment, but also can realize the flow control, believe that after the winter games after inspection, the robot will quickly appear in everyone’s daily life.Having trouble sleeping?In addition to the addition of a large number of intelligent unmanned products, the Winter Olympics also provided the “smart bed” in accommodation for the first time. Although from the appearance, it is not much different from the ordinary single bed, but from the application of materials to functional control, intelligent bed has brought innovation.The smart bed mattress is made of memory cotton, and sensors are added inside to monitor sleep status. The smart bed is also equipped with an independent remote control that can adjust the lifting Angle of the head of the bed, so as to adapt to lying flat, sitting and other postures.If you are a person who can’t get out of bed easily, the smart bed also provides an alarm clock function, which is different from ordinary alarm clock sound to wake up. When the preset time is reached, the head of the bed will automatically lift, so as to achieve the purpose of waking up.The smart bed also monitors snoring at night and automatically adjusts the height of the pillow when it recognizes it.In addition, for athletes who need longer beds, footstools are installed so that the length of the bed can reach 2.2 to 2.4 meters.Positioning, alarm, which integrates temperature stick to Beijing Olympics, and there are many hidden “black” science and technology, for example is known as “epidemic prevention artifact” temperature, and it looks like a band-aid on appearance, is actually a built-in chip wireless electronic thermometer, thanks to the small body, the body temperature can be directly attached to the armpit, ensures the accuracy of the temperature monitoring.According to the report, the temperature sticker detects the temperature error between 0.1 and 0.2℃, it will be bound through a mobile APP, remote upload temperature data to the data background.The system collects temperature data every three seconds. Once the temperature exceeds 37.3℃, it will automatically alarm epidemic prevention personnel. Combined with its positioning function, epidemic prevention personnel can quickly find people with abnormal temperature.In addition to real-time temperature measurement, according to the needs of venue operation, temperature stickers can also be used for attendance and personnel positioning, which can not only record the movement route of relevant personnel, master the contact group of people with abnormal temperature, but also accurately capture the transmission route of the epidemic.As a global sporting event, this year’s Winter Olympics will bring over 6,000 hours of broadcast content, and broadcast quality is also the most important part of the viewing experience for global audiences.At the last Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, 4K content was broadcast, providing four times the amount of screen information compared to the traditional 1080P resolution, allowing athletes’ dance movements, detailed confrontation and even facial expressions to be more clearly depicted.Beijing will be the first Winter Olympics to be broadcast in 4K via the cloud, meaning the Games will no longer rely solely on satellite transmissions, but will also be beamed around the world via the Cloud.In addition to reducing the manpower and material resources consumed in site construction and equipment transportation, it is also convenient for the media to carry out remote live broadcasting, highlight replay, and make special effects videos and content highlights. In addition, many novel ways of watching events can be realized through the broadcast cloud.For example, the “bullet time” shot, which has only been seen in movies and TV programs, could be used in real time to create a similar effect at the Winter Olympics.For this year’s Winter Olympics, users are also expected to experience “high free viewing Angle” through the broadcast cloud. With the help of dozens of hd images transmitted in real time, and then synthesized and modeled by an intelligent algorithm, the camera Angle of the Olympic Games will be changed from a fixed perspective to a three-dimensional perspective, allowing real-time switching between different angles of the stadium.Compared with ordinary sports events, the Winter Olympic Games also have special requirements for broadcasting equipment, including the stability of low-temperature work, signal transmission capacity, have put forward higher requirements.In the Beijing Winter Olympics, many broadcasting technologies and equipment previously mastered by foreign enterprises have been replaced by domestic ones.Winter Olympics this year, not only make skiing, skating, ice hockey, and other sports entered the public view, at the same time in the sports venue, accommodation space, all have seen the various dark the blessings of science and technology, especially as intelligent bed, body temperature post everyday experience that can promote the technology of feeling good, believe that will become a public concern after intelligent hardware products.(Author of the first Ti Media App/Editor deng Jianyun/Xiang Ou Zhongyi)

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