Spring Festival walk grassroots! Praise for devotees

The Spring Festival is the day of family reunion.At this time, there are such a group of people, for the normal operation of the city, the smooth progress of construction, social stability and order, quietly stick to their posts.They give up the chance to reunite with their families, making this Spring Festival especially warm.Dedication is the most beautiful scenery of a city.Although the positions are different, they all carry a responsibility and a mission.”Please be aware of the snowfall…””A sanitation worker posted a prompt when keywords such as” New Year’s Eve dinner “and” Spring Festival Gala “flooded wechat moments.In many cities, although no firecrackers, but the task of sanitation workers is still onerous, in order to clean the environment tirelessly.In strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the police on duty and auxiliary police of The North Li Guan Police Workstation stick to their posts and guard the west gate of Shenyang with their responsibilities, escorting the people’s health.Shenyang car driving management business “not closed”, more than 30 Windows to implement “365 days delay service”, to provide convenience for the people……It is their “for everyone, give up the small family” dedication, just for the lights, warm and harmonious;It is their hard work that enables the masses to enjoy their holidays.To the workers who stick to their posts, we should give understanding, cooperation and respect, say “hard work”, say “thank you”, this is the affirmation of their labor value.There is no such thing as quiet time, but someone is carrying something for you.Let us give the highest respect to those who stick to it, let us praise for their silent dedication and efforts!

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