February 1 pig price: Tiger tiger alive!Pig price rises 4 times in a row, north and South again “red”

On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, the Year of the Tiger in China!On this auspicious holiday, I wish my family all over the world a happy year of the Tiger.In domestic pig market, due to the stagnation of market supply and marketing, after the New Year’s eve, pork consumption boom-bust, people immersed in a family reunion, the live pig market price presents the sideways trend of the strong, after all, there are still some slaughtering enterprises have offer higher performance, however, because in the Spring Festival holiday, prices are for reference only, it also reflects some slaughtering enterprises “ulterior motives”!According to prices data analysis, February 1, the lean pig price, market price hovers around 13.79 yuan/kg, prices rise in a narrow 0.09 yuan, the market for 4 even rise, prices “2”, tu companies offer a price without the city, to cater to more farmers celebrate the festive atmosphere, as a result, the domestic market, the north and the south tu companies offer prices “a piece of red” again!Specifically, in the northern market, northeast, North China and northwest market, slaughterers’ quotation was rising steadily. The market in most of northeast China was sideways, liaoning increased by 0.2 yuan, heilongjiang and Jilin stabilized, and the average price remained at 12.4-13.6 yuan/kg.In the north China market, prices of slaughterers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi and Hebei rose within a narrow range, with pig prices in many places stable at 14 yuan/kg.In northwest Shaanxi and Gansu region, pig prices stabilized, Shaanxi market stabilized 13.2 yuan/kg!And in the southern market, southwest area, Sichuan and Chongqing market horizontal 13.7~13.8 yuan, and in the yungui area, the pig price rose to 12.6~13.8 yuan/kg!In east China and central China, the price of slaughters in many places rose steadily, among which, the prices of Jiangsu and Zhejiang rose to 15~15.5 yuan/kg, and the prices of Lakes and Lakes hovered at 14.1~14.2 yuan/kg. In Guangdong and Guangxi regions of South China, the pig price rose to 14~14.5 yuan/kg!On the whole, the quotation of slaughtering enterprises rose, and on February 1st, the pig price shock was stronger. Due to the stagnation of supply and marketing in the Spring Festival market, the pig price quotation on the market had price without market!At present, the average price of domestic pigs horizontal 14 yuan/kg below, and according to the current stage, farmers generally 16~17 yuan/kg of market cost, the current stage of the market loss phenomenon is still concentrated!Now, the year of the tiger lunar New Year is coming, though, the festival atmosphere, pigs, a piece of red, but, the pressure of farmers remaining, pig face many difficulties in the New Year, on the one hand, due to the capacity recovery of live pigs, at the end of 2021 domestic pigs living sideways perch 43.29 million head, still amounted to 105.6% of normal ownership, this also means that2022 domestic pig market loose fundamentals have almost finalized!According to the author, in June last year, pork prices below the cost of fattening line, the pressure of market capacity to spurt, sow the amount after reaching peak, gradually decline, however, as the middle of October, prices fall rally, pig average at break after 18 yuan/kg, the rhythm of the market capacity to abate, some farmers fill column sows phenomenon,And this also caused 21 December, sow inventory instead increased by 330,000 head, sow inventory rebound, for the future market pig price pressure also further appear!According to the analysis of industry insiders, in the first and second quarters of 2022 pig prices as a whole may continue to slide down, pig prices are not very optimistic, although farmers have the mood of price, but the continued price pressure column or will intensify the pressure of large weight fat pigs, especially, pork consumption into the off-season, pigs are not popular, therefore,Big pig pressure column after concentration out of the column or will pull pig price two times bottom!Though, such as pigs scale after reaching peak, output fell, however, due to large sow amount of base, market supply and demand is relatively loose, overall overlay, domestic consumption market, pork demand season don’t become a habit, prices decline or 3 quarter will be narrowed, local or have a rebound, however, prices will continue to hover under the cost of fattening, into the fourth quarter 2022,Pig price may be strong, but, farmers also difficult to have a significant profit space, after all, pig market loose scale, pig market volume is expected to reach 680 million or so!As we all know, the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, pig prices off to a good start, but according to the domestic sow stock scale forecast, this year’s pig pressure is obvious, and how to spend the pig industry “winter”, for farmers, cost reduction and efficiency, may be to resist the winter “cotton-padded jacket” it!February 1 pig price: Tiger tiger alive!Pig prices rose 4, north and south is “a red”!What do you think about that?The above is the author’s personal viewpoint, the picture comes from the network!

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