People go up, success beckons;See the good and think together, will become a great tool

The circle decides the height of life and the quality of life, do you agree?As the saying goes: Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards.But the real people go up, not to snobbery, but to see the same.It’s not about pleasing people or making connections, it’s about making good friends and choosing good teachers.To the authority desperately fawning, that is the servile fawning slave ugly;It is a mercenary style to please the rich too much.The real height, not the eyes of the plutocrat circle, not the eyes of the snob upper society.The real high man is not the rich rich, but the knowledgeable talent;Not a high official, but a gentleman of high moral character.Make friends with high people, the benefits of endless, increasingly high and clean sentiment, ability to improve.Birds of a feather flock together.A good circle is a large garden full of flowers and perfumes;A bad circle is a big dye VAT.Business partners invite you to conspire against their ambitions;Drunkard friends teach you to get drunk every day;Literary friends and poets discuss poetry with you;Gambler friends keep you high and dry.If you walk with an idle man, you will become lazy and poor;Always with go-getters for friends, you will become diligent and successful;Always with vulgar people, you also gradually filled with low interest;Always make friends with people of high integrity, your manners and speech will be different;Always with illiterate people, you gradually become an ill-informed frog in the well;Spend time with knowledgeable people and you will become a knowledgeable person.Gentleman, wit is a mentor, can let you learn from each other, life benefit;Wicked, mean people are evil friends, will let you gradually degenerate, regret life.Circle affects your behavior, circle determines your life height.Do not want to be phoenix and pheasant company, do not want to be dragon snake and mouse company.Choose Philistine friends, doomed to life mediocre;Choose friends, can climb high hope far.Therefore, to be a person to go high, improve their spiritual realm, enhance their level of learning.Those who know how to keep company with others are humble and studious;Is unwilling to mediocrity;A man of high moral character;And the one who will succeed!

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