Response to Russia-Belarus joint exercise?Foreign media: Ukraine uses Western weapons for military exercises

According to foreign media, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Wednesday that the military exercises launched by Russia and Belarus along the Ukrainian border are “psychological pressure”.Ukraine began military exercises with weapons supplied by the West on Sunday.Kiev, Feb. 10 (AFP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday described military exercises launched by Russia and Belarus along Ukraine’s border as “psychological pressure.”The Kremlin has promised to withdraw its troops from Belarus once the exercises are over.But the exercises have further raised tensions.”The build-up of troops on the border is psychological pressure from our neighbours,” Zelensky was reported to have told a group of European business leaders in Kiev.We didn’t see anything new.””As for the risks — the risks have been there since 2014,” he said, “the question is the extent of those risks and how we deal with it.”Mr. Zelensky said Ukraine was “strong enough to defend our country honorably.”Meanwhile, Ria Novosti reported from Kiev on February 10 that Ukraine began military exercises with weapons provided by the West on February 10.Ukraine will use flagman drones, javelin portable anti-tank missiles and other weapons in the exercise.Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexander Reznikov said the drills will take place from February 10 to 20 at firing ranges across Ukraine.Reznikov announced Wednesday that a new batch of British military supplies arrived in Ukraine.He wrote on Twitter: “Military aid for Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces – military supplies such as bullet-proof vests, helmets and technical equipment – arrived from the UK.We thank our partners for their continued political and diplomatic support and military assistance.”In January, Britain supplied Ukraine with thousands of anti-tank missiles.Ukrainian Foreign Minister Demitro Kuleba said Kiev had recently received $1.5 billion in aid from western partners.In recent weeks, nine aircraft carrying military aid have arrived in Ukraine from the United States.Ukrainian media reported that the United States planned to send about 45 flights of military aid.In addition, TASS London reported on February 9, Russia’s Permanent representative to the European Union, Mikhail Chhov, said in an interview with the BBC that more than 125,000 Ukrainian troops are stationed near the Russian-Ukrainian border, which does not help ease regional tensions.In response to a reporter’s question about the build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, the diplomat said: “Why is no one talking about Ukrainian soldiers?The Ukrainian army has more than 250,000 troops, more than half of whom are deployed directly near Russia.”Chhov said Moscow wants to mediate its differences with the West over Ukraine through diplomatic talks.He said Russia is preparing a formal response to U.S. and NATO responses to Russian security concerns in Europe.

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