The monk led a dog into the widow’s house, after entering the house, the monk and the widow are missing, the dog was injured and fell to the ground

One summer evening during the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty, a strong young monk led a big black dog into a remote village in Henan Province.The monk led the big black dog through the streets until he came to a house.The monk knocked at the knocker, and a moment later the door opened, and a pretty woman appeared before the monk. She was fair skinned, black haired, tall and beautiful.As soon as a beautiful woman appeared, the big black dog sniffed at her and barked twice.The monk said: Big black must not be rude.He pulled the big black dog back.The woman did not seem to be afraid of the dog and asked the monk: What did the master think?The monk said, the poor monk asked for a bowl of water.The beauty hesitated once, say: true unfortunately, my home today never boil water, master still go to another home to see.The beauty said and was about to close the door.The monk shouted “Amitabha Buddha” and walked straight in, saying: How come you don’t have water?Surely not!The beauty ate a surprise, say: you this monk good health rude!How dare you break into a widow’s house!The beauty was a young widow.The monk pretended not to hear and walked to the main house. The monk walked so fast that in a few steps he had already broken into the main house.The beauty followed closely behind the past, also entered the main room, saw the beauty into the room, the monk quickly closed the door.This scene, just by the village of a idle drunk Ma Six to see, this Ma six covets the beauty of the young widow, often to her door.Two horse six instant sober five minutes, he hurried into the yard to see what.As he entered the yard, he heard a loud clanging sound, mixed with barking.Ma 6 had the courage to hurry up and open the front door. No one was in the room. All the Windows were broken and the big black dog lay prone on the ground with two wounds on his body.Ma Liu gasps a breath of cool, ao two, hurriedly ran out to report the officer.The government sent five or six men to look around the house, but they found nothing. At last they decided that the monk and the widow had broken the window and eloped by jumping out of it!Chabal was going to take the big black dog to the yamen, but the big black dog would not go away, and kept barking at the back room.Dial went into the back room and found nothing unusual.The big black dog got up and went into the back room. He sniffed at the ground and scratched it with his PAWS.Then an old messenger said, Is there something under the ground?Three chai found a spade and hoe and began to dig on the floor of the inner room.Suddenly, a messenger exclaimed: Something!They stared and saw a row of bricks dug out of the pit!A look, immediately carefully dug up, this digging does not matter, unexpectedly dug out a basement!The big black dog sniffed and walked around the cellar, then lay down to rest.When they looked closer, they saw that there were six men in the cellar, but all of them were drowsy and unconscious.The old man sniffed and said, “Why do all these people smell like Chinese medicine?”A fat messenger said, Have they all been given drug blisters?The old man asked Ma Liu, who was watching, what was the little widow’s last name?Where is your hometown?Ma Liu said, The little widow came to our village only a year ago. At that time, she and her husband bought the house together. They don’t communicate with people in the village, and we rarely see them out, so we don’t know their surname or where they come from.Ma Liu paused, then said: Six months ago we learned that the little widow’s man died, but none of us saw her send her man, she just said that her man was pulled back overnight by the people in their hometown.In the end, the little widow hardly went out.The old chet said, There must be something wrong with the little widow!Let’s see, are there any little widow men among these six?Ma Liu took a closer look and said: This tall man is her man.Four at this time, from the outside to run a villager, is the village of a hunter, called Ma Dacheng, he fluster said: your excellency, we have a monk back hill and this small widow fighting!They fought like cats and dogs!There’s an end to desperation!Come and have a look, my lords!The old man told fat, “Take one man and guard this place. Don’t let anyone move. I’ll take the others to the back hill at once!”The elder Chapo, led by Ma Dacheng, went down to a col in the back mountain. He saw the elder monk fighting with the little widow, who was in a state of despair.The old man called out, Little widow, you are surrounded.The little widow had already fallen downwind, saw so many officials surrounded himself, the mind a panic, was the big monk caught a gap, a fist hit in the chest!Small widow a stagger fall on his back to the ground, the officers rushed up, the small widow solid tied up!This time, the big monk also stumbled and fell to the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood in his mouth.The monk paused twice and said, “This woman was originally a nun, but a year ago she stumbled upon a book of secret techniques for practicing sorcery. This sorcery required a young man to drink a lot of refined herbal soup, and then the woman practiced sorcery with the man’s body.”After the man takes herbal soup 49 days, will be this woman with internal function to suck out the essence of herbal medicine, the man will slowly delirium.Poor monk in the temple and nunnery is not far from the original this woman, this woman every time of refining herbal send out a taste, poor monk temple had raised a big black dog, a big black dog smell this herbal medicine will be barking at a time, then a big black dog ran to the nunnery from bands, and I follow a big black dog into a nunnery, a look at to find the woman,The poor monk has been chasing her for many days. Today he has finally caught her. Put her in prison and punish her according to the law.Five little widow was put into prison, after trial, the government finally made clear the truth of the matter.It turned out that the little widow came to this village a year ago, and the man who came with her was deceived by her from afar. The man only said that the woman was willing to elope with him to live, but she did not expect to practice witchcraft by herself!Later, the woman secretly from elsewhere one after another to cheat five men to practice sorcery.There would have been three more men, and the woman would have mastered this magic, and she would have been as light and powerful as a swallow.But the mill of God has long arms. The woman was found by the big monk.Although the woman disguised to change the original appearance, but the big monk with a big black dog sensitive nose, finally caught up with the woman’s residence.This is really a devil, high road, people do not do evil, evil will be caught!After that, please look forward to the next folk story.

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