China team world preliminary summary: domestic players and naturalized players failed to try, domestic coach is not good

The Chinese team lost to Vietnam team, after being criticized by many people, not necessarily a bad thing, at least a lot of people is to focus on this team, but also appeared a problem, that is for the Chinese team, then how to summarize it, actually there is no summary, this team actually problem is very much, lose Vietnam is a matter of time before, but we can think about something else.The failure was summed up like this.First of all, the team is impossible to disband, but the team proved that the first thing is the combination of naturalized players and domestic players, can not improve the team’s performance, the model of naturalized players and domestic players is not successful, this is the key part of this time, of course, this is normal, after all, domestic players are not the peak, naturalized players are not the peak,Need to rely on the strong fernando at least 12 “did not appear on the field, this is the key part of the naturalization players not clearly state, ability to drop, also didn’t meet expectations, domestic players have no top stars, so the combination is a problem, is why China bad grades, but no way, this is reality,After China failed in this attempt, there won’t be many naturalized players because it seems that domestic players are still the most important.Domestic coach also not line, no domestic coach from the game, coach domestic level is not enough, if China brigade level is very high, the domestic coach for problem is not big, but not enough level, both domestic coach shows his idealistic side, the result is a loss, this is a problem, so now not in the domestic coach when the national team coach, because the players ability can not meet the requirements,Two domestic coaches at the beginning of the stage are want to play offensive tactics, the result is failure, players all kinds of mistakes, so foreign teachers are now the best choice, even if the level of ordinary foreign teachers, is now the best choice, this is very helpless, but this is the reality of the problem.Of course, lippi left for many reasons, or because the players did not meet their requirements, domestic players and naturalized players did not meet the requirements.The last one, the achievement of national team in the future not too seriously this is also the key part, if now also attaches great importance to the national team, the results will be worse, because there’s not a player can use the foreign teachers to have also is to let the current level, but you don’t make the team level is obvious, is such a situation, in fact this is a real problem,, of course, all these players the team can’t win Vietnam team, the national team to win Vietnam team also is very difficult, actually Li Tieying luck that a still greater than power, so, the future must be a foreign teacher, the other team scores can’t value, need to value the team and the achievement of national youth team, this is the key part, so, this is the summary of after the World Cup qualifier defeat.

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