Gu big picture big chess, city dog ban big pattern

Continue to call for city dog bans.Otherwise, every day is the same, walk out the door and step on dog shit.The neighbor’s pet dog is still barking at night.When the elevator opened, a fat, fierce dog came in and scared the hell out of us.Dogs are never friendly to strangers, much less friends to humans!Professor Wang, a dog ban volunteer, said: “I support a total ban on dogs, I am afraid of dog people, a dog near me, I can dodge quickly, I do not know whether the dog will bite me, but a gentleman is not in danger, I can not bet on the mood of the dog.If a dog bites you, even if you kill it, it’s a losing proposition.China is developing fast and is a fast developing society.And as society advances, the outdated lifestyle of keeping a dog is increasingly criticized.For example, in the past, if a dog bites, some people feel trivial.But people are worth a lot these days. What’s a dog bite worth?And with the development of the Internet, vicious dog attacks can also be hot searches.We encourage volunteers to work hard and take the time to write more propaganda articles about the ban and publish them on various network platforms.There are also many people who are against keeping dogs on the Internet.The Internet has been flooded with calls for a ban on dogs.People with insight are already worried about the scale of the pet industry. China’s pet industry is very large, but it is not an industry worth encouraging, it is a harmful industry.Large consumption of grain and meat resources.Eradicating the pet black interest chain is urgent.Most of our communities, communities, have not included pets in the design and construction, so this community or community can not keep pets.Unless the design can raise pets of residential real estate, those who raise pets to buy those real estate can raise.That is to say, most of the community should be the default no-dog community.It makes sense that only a few neighborhoods allow dogs.

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