Pain in life, need to be felt, Daenerys before I Met You is not that pure love

Years later, Ywan jun watched the movie “Before I Met You” on the recommendation of a friend.Personally, I think the Chinese name does not reflect the meaning of the English title Me Before You, but not as straightforward as the Taiwanese translation of “Just live well, Just live.” will said at the end of his message to Lu.Of course, DAenerys daenerys really made me dance. The eyebrows that curved into an “S” were so striking that it completely blew my mind. Ywan was also amused by the cameo of Lord Lannister, who’s never met on Game of Thrones.Watching Ywan jun felt that this is not just a love story, but a story about pain, the pain of life and death, the pain of loss and gain, and these pains need to be felt.The story tells the story of a young girl from the town lu applied to become a nurse, she has to take care of the object, is a man named Will.Will grew up in a wealthy family, loved his freedom, and enjoyed adventures all over the world. However, a terrible car accident shattered his spine, leaving him quadriplegic, which means he is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.In this way, small dew in the accident in the accident began to live together with Will, but Will soon found that small dew and before the care is completely different, personality is careless she never avoid talking about his pain, but it is this kind of face bleak courage to will brought a different feeling.In the company of small dew below, Weir begins to appreciate happy feeling afresh gradually, the firm of small dew also lets Weir begin to think seriously about his future.Love, what is love?Presumably everyone has a different answer in mind.Van Gogh once wrote, “Everyone has a fire in their heart. People who pass by can only see the smoke, but there is always someone, there is always someone who can see the fire and come to accompany me.I saw her fire in the crowd, and I walked quickly to her, afraid that she would be drowned in the dust of the years.When you meet the right person, it’s the best time.”Will meets Lou at a low point in his life, and she sees will’s burning pain.She nursed will’s faint flame with her own warmth.Like the line in the movie says:”You only get one life. It is actually your duty to live It as fully as possible.”Love is not a panacea, it can only make the paralysed people look less miserable, love can not bear a person’s life, what kind of life depends on yourself, rather than love.When a friend recommended this movie to Ywan, he said, “The hero is so perfect. It could not be worse.”Will, indeed, saw it all too well. He understood love too well.After witnessing the precarious marriage of his parents, and after his girlfriend left to marry his friend, he was deeply aware of the mottled love immersed in the ocean of time when it surfaced.Let go and be Will’s deepest love.Even in pain he hoped Lou would always be the Chatty girl with the striped tights, the bright clothes and the dancing eyebrows.”To understand the beauty of health, go to a hospital ward.”That’s what a hospital paramedic said to me.Indeed, for most of us, health seems to be something we are born with, but we don’t know how valuable it is until we lose it.Will loved life so much, and he was suffering all the more because he loved it.So, he chose euthanasia.Euthanasia, the domestic attitude is basically a conservative attitude.The ancients had cloud: mole ant is also greedy, why at life.Throughout the ages this idea has been rooted in our thinking, it comes from thousands of years of Chinese family culture.It has been mentioned in the Book of Rites: The Great University that “cultivate one’s morality, regulate one’s family, run a country and bring peace to the world”. Family plays an extremely important role in Chinese culture.In Chinese culture, a person’s life not only belongs to himself, but also to his parents, children and family members who love him deeply, and to end his life is to disappoint their love.But for Will, a man’s death, it’s not an end, it’s a new life, not just for himself, but for those he loves, a new beginning.It has been said that there are two kinds of people who can choose to die. One is the paralyzed in bed, which is the soul trapped in the body, and the other is the severely depressed, which is the soul trapped in the abyss.Mr Ywan had always believed that Will’s death, like Mercy killing, was a relief.There is one detail in the film that is particularly interesting.Will once asked Lu what she did after work. Lu thought for a long time before she said, “I spend time with my family, I um…go to pub, I watch TV, I watch Patrick running, I read a bit, I like clothes…I don’t do much, I go to work, I go home, that’s it. It sounds so familiar that Ywan chuckles when Will says, “Your life seems more mundane than mine.”Will and Lu are just like two sides of a mirror. One is busy making a living, one is free from food and clothing, one lacks independence in mind, one cannot walk alone in body, one is naive and optimistic, and one is sad and sad.The two of them, from meeting to knowing each other, are reflecting themselves.Lou wanted to leave home to study fashion in Manchester but couldn’t, and Will decided to have his death extended for another six months.They are looking forward to a better themselves, but also in the choice of hesitation and hesitation.Ostensibly caring for Will, it’s actually two lonely souls consoling and encouraging each other.Eventually, Will realizes he can’t bind Lou, gives her wings, and flies away.Lou felt Will’s pain and gave him no regrets and relief.Both have found courage and blessing in their respective paths of hope.At the end of the movie, Ywan can’t help but think of the fault in Our Stars classic question: “There are infinitely many numbers between 0 and 1. Of course there are infinitely many numbers between 0 and 2, and between 0 and 1000, but is 0 and 1 smaller than any other infinity?”Everyone wants more years, more than they can get.But actually, even though the distance between 0 and 1 is less than the distance between 0 and 2, they’re both infinite.As Will and Lou learned in their short six months.I am always grateful to those I love and those who love me, because we share this small infinite, in this limited day, can still get eternal.#Ywan movie Library #

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