Plateau six “female generals” guard the safe operation of railway equipment in Tibet’s Larin

The picture shows xizang Larin railway production dispatching monitoring center.Lhasa, February 17 (Ma Shengming jiangfei Wave) “Nyingchi station no. 3 turnout positioning to reverse start current curve abnormal, please immediately send to check.”Recently, Li Jing, head of monitoring data analysis group of production scheduling and Monitoring Center of Lhasa Infrastructure Section of China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., LTD., immediately informed Nyingchi Comprehensive Maintenance Working Area to check and repair related equipment after discovering hidden dangers.After Tibet’s Larin Railway was put into operation, six female signal monitors from the Lhasa Infrastructure Production, Dispatching and Monitoring Center worked hard on the snowy plateau to guard this new “sky road”.They spend their days staring at screens, looking at curves and data.Microcomputer monitoring signal equipment is like the “eyes” of the train, controlling the direction of the train, and Li Jing they are responsible for monitoring the switch, track circuit, interval frequency shift, signal machine, external power grid, snow melting equipment and other stations along the Railway, data analysis and fault emergency treatment.Signal monitors zhaxi Yuzhuo (left) and Wang Lijia monitor equipment along the Lalin Railway.Browsing thousands of curves and data every day is an important means to confirm the operation status of railway equipment in Larin.Through round-the-clock monitoring and control, we found and dealt with problems in a timely manner to ensure the safe operation of the Fuxing BULLET train on the plateau.”Dispatch monitoring center director Yang Rongwei said.This group of girls from “all over the world” also overcame various difficulties through training, comparative analysis of equipment status, on-site communication, and establishing and improving typical failure case database, laying a solid foundation for the “health” of Larin railway equipment.Since the opening of the Larin Railway, they have found a total of 759 hidden problems in signal equipment.”At the end of the day, it’s common for eyes to be distended and sour.”Li Haixia, the youngest member of the team, said they are contributing to the safe operation of railway equipment in Larin.Source:

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