Who’s not paying Social Security for 15 years?New rules issued, all such treatment!

Introduction Social security welfare is related to everyone of us, among which old-age welfare has been the focus of many people’s attention.And according to our country concerned branch statistic also discovers, by the end of last year, our country’s basic medical treatment insurance participated in the number to reach 1.36 billion many, and participate in the insurance rate maintained in 95% above.The overall income of basic medical insurance has reached 2.8 trillion yuan, while the expenditure has reached 2.4 trillion yuan.Who’s not paying Social Security for 15 years?New rules issued, all such treatment!Because China’s social security income and expenditure ratio, and everyone can enjoy the rights and interests of security is closely related, so in order to avoid this situation frequently, China’s relevant departments continue to improve the social security system, in order to achieve a better balance and guarantee the effect of people’s lives.China’s social security fee payment is related to enterprises, and for businessmen, can obtain higher income, is very normal psychology, so before the state control, most enterprises in order to reduce investment, no matter how the income of employees, will adopt the principle of low insurance.However, since China’s tax authorities carried out a unified collection, these enterprises can only pay social security benefits according to the actual salary level of employees, so that these enterprise operators no longer have loopholes to exploit.In addition to these, China’s social security has not paid for 15 years, but still want to enjoy social welfare benefits, also gave a heavy blow, because after the new regulations, many aspects of social security has been affected.Although the social security fees are divided into different levels, the fees will rise to a certain extent, but in the future, these people can enjoy more social welfare security, so from this result, this change is beneficial to every insured person.However, in order to better maintain this social security system can continue to continue, more people’s future life is guaranteed, so China has made a lot of adjustments to the social security system.The first point is to cancel the one-time payment.This is mainly for those who have not met the 15-year continuous contribution standard, but are about to retire after a business.This policy in the past for a long time is applicable to everyone, but through reform, has become a part of the special personnel can enjoy the benefits, including during 1961 to 1982, to the countryside educated youth, 2011 years ago has retired employees of state-owned enterprises, men over the age of 65 and 60, female,And paid social Security contributions before 2011.They can receive benefits for up to 15 years as long as they pay the full amount of related fees.The 2nd kind can pass delaying emeritus means namely, capture satisfies enough fixed number of year, deal with emeritus formalities normally next, enjoy the welfare treatment after emeritus.This kind of circumstance is very similar with the form that carries on filling pay by year, just because this part of the person did delay to retire processing, so this personnel is ok at the same time work, at the same time will pay endowment cost, can reduce oneself economic pressure to a great extent so.However, it should be noted that this situation is more suitable for those who pay for a short period of time to choose, because the general enterprise will not hire too old employees.The 3rd point is to be able to turn oneself worker medical insurance into common resident medical insurance, next pay fee enjoys its treatment thereby.This is mainly aimed at those who have retired or lost their jobs, but did not pay enough years of personnel use the method, these personnel in the pay, can be through the employee insurance into resident insurance to obtain insurance processing.However, it should be noted that this change requires the personnel to pay for 15 consecutive years before they can enjoy this treatment, so if the payment period has exceeded 10 years, it is not very cost-effective.The filling capture that undertakes charge by year because our country is right can get the requirement of endowment welfare, have clear regulation:Must pay is full 15 years, so if you have already retired, but without pay for 15 years, or pay off and on, but their retirement did not pay enough fixed number of year, so this part of the people want to get to the corresponding pension benefits, you can through the way of continue to pay cost, 15 years to adaptation and pay enough fixed number of year can receive pension benefits.In addition to the above aspects, there is another way to deal with it, that is to give up continuing to pay social security, this situation is for those who think: they have not paid enough years, but do not want to continue to pay the choice of personnel.If this is the case, you can go to the relevant department to cancel the contribution, and then withdraw the funds from the original account, and no longer pay social security.But it should be noted that this kind of behavior will lead to such personnel in the normal retirement, unable to enjoy the corresponding pension benefits.Conclusion so overall, in old-age welfare pay this aspect in our country, and give a lot of the right to free choice, and the practice of this system, also to a large extent to ensure the every staff pension after retirement life safeguard, also avoid the only pay 1 ~ 2 years, but can enjoy equal treatment of retired personnel to take any chances.Today’s topic: Social security has not paid full 15 years to “secretly happy”?After the release of the new rules, all “so” processing

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