41 pilot counties (urban areas) in Hubei province were subsidized by national funds, involving Jingzhou…

Hubei Provincial Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department decided to add 21 counties (cities, districts) to the trial of greenhouse subsidies in order to actively promote the pilot work of complete set of facilities and equipment subsidies for greenhouses and rice seedling centers.Huangpi District, Jiangxia District, Dongxihu District, Hannan District, Zhushan County, Fangxian County, Yangxin County, Jingzhou District, Huangzhou District, Huangmei County, Tuanfeng County, Jingshan City, Zhongxiang City, Macheng City, E Cheng District, Liangzihu District, Nanzhang County, Hanchuan City, Xinzhou District, Yunyang District, Hefeng County.The subsidy for the greenhouses is 140 yuan per square meter.At the same time, supplemented 20 rice seedlings center complete sets of facilities and equipment subsidies pioneer (city, area), respectively, huangpi district, east zone, fangxian county, yunxi county, TuanFeng county, yangxin county, jingshan city, Duo knife area, zhongxiang, xishui county, anlu and jingzhou area, jianli city, gong ‘an county, honghu, zaoyang, xinzhou district, nanzhang, qichun and huangmei county.The subsidy amount for a single set of complete facilities and equipment of rice seedling raising center shall not exceed 600,000 yuan, and repeated subsidies shall not be granted to machinery and tools or facilities and equipment that have been subsidized for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and the foundations and walls repaired by construction materials such as soil, brick, sand and stone, and reinforced concrete shall not be included in the subsidy scope.Each pilot county will obtain the corresponding machine subsidy fund subsidy.Provincial agricultural and rural requirements, each pilot county according to the annual allocation of subsidies to buy machine funds, steady and orderly pilot work.

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