A cargo ship broke down on the day the U.S. nuclear submarine entered Russian territorial waters, blocking the black Sea

The US, with its frequent provocations, is becoming the main source of global security risk.According to huanqiu news on February 13, a US nuclear submarine broke into the territorial waters near the Kuril Islands of Russia on February 12, Russia first based on submarine communication mechanism, in Russian, English initiated communication, but was ignored by the US nuclear submarine.The Russian frigate then “took measures” and the US nuclear submarine withdrew from Russian territorial waters “at the fastest speed”, the notice said.The Russian side has summoned the US military attache in Russia and asked the US to ensure that there will be no more such incidents, otherwise Russia will take all necessary measures to ensure the security of Its territorial waters.It is reported that more than 10 Russian naval vessels are holding a military exercise in waters near the Kuril Islands, and not long ago, they practiced crushing imaginary enemy landing and responding to air target attacks.The US nuclear submarine intruded into Russia’s territorial waters, presumably to obtain the contents of the Russian military exercise and launch a demonstration against the Russian side.And it is worth noting that Russia and Japan both sides in the south Kuril Islands in part of the islands there is a territorial dispute, the United States in February 7 by the ambassador to Japan, to support the Japanese position.And the INTENTION of the United States, in the ambassador to Japan released a video of support, it is very clear.The U.S. ambassador to Japan expressed his support for Japan in a three-minute video speech, and blamed Russia for the situation in Ukraine in the rest of the speech.The United States has long asked Japan to step in with its sanctions against Russia, while Japan has taken a cautious approach.And in recent days, with the United States issued supportive remarks on Japan and the opening of the four-party talks between Japan, Japan, India and Australia, Japan began to loosen its attitude on pressure on Russia, and recently followed the United States in calling on Japanese people to evacuate Ukraine.This makes the Us invasion of Russian territorial waters, is likely to be in the “eastern front” with Japan, so that the eastern Part of Russia into the same crisis implementation action.As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for US ships to conduct close-in reconnaissance of Russian military exercises. In the previous china-Russia joint military exercise, a US surface vessel also approached despite warnings and was forcefully driven away.Compared with surface ships, nuclear submarines have a high degree of concealment. First, they were discovered by The Russian side, and then Russia took direct action to defend its territorial waters, forcing the US nuclear submarines to quickly “escape”, which was probably unexpected for the US side.This signal clearly shows to the US side that Russia will resolutely and without hesitation take actions to safeguard its legitimate territorial sovereignty.This is precisely the situation in Ukraine, the Russian side in order to defend the core interests of the attitude of the intuitive embodiment.At the same time as us forces were escalating the situation in eastern Russia, there was also an incident in the Bosporus strait in western Russia.The bosphorus Strait, the only waterway connecting the Mediterranean and Black Seas, became congested between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on February 12, making it impossible for ships to pass through.The Russian vessels were responding to a us, British and French naval exercise in the Mediterranean.At such a sensitive time, the “forced blockade” of the strategic waterway is likely to be a new round of us war oppression against Russia.A second group of 3,000 American troops is on its way from the U.S. mainland to Poland, after sending 1,700 troops to the eastern part of NATO. The U.S. State Department is also withdrawing nearly all U.S. diplomatic staff from Ukraine to the Border with Poland.The Americans confidently claimed that the invasion would take place on February 16th.The comments prompted Ukraine’s president to respond, saying, “If someone knows 100 percent of the information, please give concrete evidence. Sowing fear in Ukraine will not help.”U.S. inflation reportedly hit a 40-year high of 7.5 percent in January, and U.S. President Joe Biden urged people not to panic as forecasters have predicted inflation will ease by the end of the year.How to alleviate it?How to boost the Biden administration’s sagging approval ratings?It is clear that war trafficking, global panic and arms trafficking are becoming a major move of the US government.

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