Bright!Luoyang five can not be missed to enjoy the lantern punch!Ticket price, preferential policies, lighting hours

Yinhu New Year, lanterns on the beginning of the flow overflow add Brocade, the annual Luoyang New Year lights show bright!Bright!It is bright!This is a good opportunity for the whole family to go out and enjoy the lanterns. Seize the opportunity to present the “Five unmissed places in Luoyang to enjoy the lanterns”, including ticket price, preferential policies and lighting time.Go, evening to see PART. 1 — Wang Cheng Park Spring Lantern Fair Address: Wang Cheng Park light appreciation Date: February 1 to February 20, 2022 Opening Time: North Gate: 8:00-21:30, gate and West gate: 6:00-21:30 Light up time: 18:00 every night during the lantern Fair Ticket price:30 yuan/person time: 20:30 Time: From February 1, 2022 to February 20, the zoo will no longer sell tickets alone.* Among them, Feb.14-Feb.16 (the 14th to 16th day of the first lunar month) ticket price: 40 yuan/person free, preferential policy: wearing formal Hanfu to enter the park free of charge, the rest of the preferential policies please reply in the background of “Luoyang Tourism” keywords “Wangcheng preferential” to get booking, purchase tickets:You can search the Meituan platform “city park”, or a scan or identify the qr code below (Meituan tickets), choose the ticket, fill in the information, submit orders, by qr code/id in delta under the photo source: luoyang city park “holidays, park, the yuanxiao, enjoy flower lantern, around luoyang city park will have always been most ceremony feeling during the Spring Festival.As night falls, the real adventure begins — the lanterns will dress up Wangcheng Park under night.Come here and feel the lifelike world of light and shadow. Record the beautiful world and tell the story of the New Year with the colorful lights.Night zoo When you enter the gate of “night Zoo”, the wonderful journey will begin!Animals and all kinds of lights in harmony, the combination of nature and science and technology, colorful and dazzling……In addition to the wonderful night tour to the zoo, the Spring Festival garden party is also unique.Wang Cheng drum bursts, knock out the New Year’s new rhythm, float parade staged in turn, singing and dancing to welcome the New Year;Five blessings, send blessings, lovely balloon tiger to visit;Xanglou recruit relatives, choose a husband in…….The tiger is out of the mountain, and the lovely tiger parade is the highlight of the Spring Festival Garden Party. Go to the park and “catch” the tiger!Date: February 1st to February 28th, 2022 Lighting Time: 18:00-22:00 every night during the lantern Fair Ticket Time: 8:00-21:00 during the lantern Fair Ticket price: Feb.1st to Feb.13th Full ticket:25 yuan/person half price: 12 yuan/person February 14 – February 16 full ticket: 35 yuan/person half price: 17 yuan/person February 17 – February 28 full ticket: 25 yuan/person half price: 12 yuan/person free ticket, preferential policy: in “Luoyang tourism” background reply keywords “Sui tang discount” to get reservations, purchase tickets:City (1) scanning the qr code below (travel), fill in the information, the ticket to pay, by qr code/id in (2) search “ctrip” small programs or download APP ctrip travel tickets, ticket types, fill out the information to the ticket payment, sweep by qr code/id in (3) code into the sui and tang dynasties ruins of the city botanical garden official trill account, click on the sui and tang dynasties landmarks,Enter the limited-time group purchase, view all the discounts, select the ticket type, fill in the information to purchase the ticket payment, with the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code/ID card to enter the park.The south gate of five blessings, with the aid of the south gate of the original rockery, placed realistic “big tiger” lanterns, more lifelike!Wind blowing wheat waves, butterflies fluttering, step by step sheng Lian holding the hand of my dear people, let’s walk the flower road ~ Ximen Golden Tiger New Year, Spring Nave, Sui and Tang dynasty palace lanterns, fables, immersive feeling lanterns bring visual feast.The north gate tiger is charming, combined with the pride of Luoyang peony elements, in the background of the North Gate mother que, more magnificent atmosphere.In addition to the lantern group, there are performances we are looking forward to!Address: Longmen Ancient Street Open Area: The square on the north side of The Sanque Gate in Longmen Open Time: 19:00-21:30 Admission Price: Free free reservation:① You can make a free reservation through the official wechat account of “Longmen Grottoes” by clicking “Ticket Reservation” – “Ticket Reservation” in the menu bar, and choose “Longmen Light Show”. ② You can also make a free reservation through the platforms of Ctrip and Alipay. During the festival, Longmen Scenic Spot is filled with a strong Sense of New Year.The grand immersive light show is open to all visitors for free, making your New Year colorful!There are 420 square meters of the province’s largest 3D full-color NAKED EYE LED screen, continue to play 3D animation, Longmen King Kong, Longmen digital movie trailers and other short films, cool and full, light up the historical axis of the ancient capital south “Tianque” land, give you an audio-visual feast!At 20:00 on February 4, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be broadcast live on the large screen of the Longmen Grottoes in the northern square of the Sanque Gate in Longmen.We sincerely invite you to longmen to witness this great moment together.”Spring Festival and Winter Olympics” lanterns, full of flavor, let longmen night flowing colorful!The ancient longmen, do not lose vitality, add color to the festival!Cheer for the Winter Olympics!There are twelve zodiac lights here, here, and their own zodiac photo, welcome the New Year good luck!In Longmen scenic area, you can walk in the light and shadow, in the sense of science and technology full of light and shadow, feel the ancient Longmen sent out youth vitality!Place: Yingtianmen North Square lighting time: From January 31, 18:00 to 22:00 every night ticket price: free △ Source: Encounter Sui And Tang With good expectations for 2022, with a new look, come to Luoyang City National Heritage Park experience the lively atmosphere of the Sui and Tang New Year!Thousands of Spring lanterns, hundreds of Spring performances, “National style sui tang” free exhibition……Everything can let you experience the most “fashionable” Chinese year!Ten thousand lanterns bright sui and Tang prosperous lanterns, romantic peach blossom forest, light yao Ziwei Palace, flowers full “Luoyang City”.Hundreds of performances have been performed for thousands of years, the wonderful crosstalk with joy and laughter, and nearly 100 performances of the Chinese New Year have been staged in turn, which will definitely make you cry for fun!From January 31 to February 15, in Yingtianmen Art Museum, when youth meets the ancient city, what kind of sparks will come out?”Wind Blows Luoyang Romantic Ancient and Modern” Central American Theme exhibition takes us to appreciate the charm of art.February 1st to February 6th, February 15th, in Yingtianmen, Luoyang city of Sui and Tang Dynasty to carry out free public welfare explanation activities, for everyone to explain those stories in the Sui and Tang dynasties.PART. 5 — Lavender Manor 2022 Art Lantern Festival Address: Luoyang China Lavender Manor Lighting Date: February 1, 2022 to February 16, lighting time: 18:00-21:30 Ticket price: 20 yuan/person, now special offer single ticket 18 yuan/person free, preferential policy:Children under 1.2m (accompanied by adults), people with disabilities (with disability certificate), people over 70 years old (with ID card) free manor ticket reservation, ticket purchase: Hot Chinese Year, in Lavender Manor, 2022 Art Lantern Festival is underway…Folk performances, special food, artistic lanterns, amusement facilities are wonderful, full of flavor of the New Year!This Lantern Festival, with the purpose of “large-scale shock of innovation concept”, has experienced 50 days, invited more than 50 lantern designers, and invested heavily to create more than 100 groups of large-scale colors.At the same time, it adds popular elements, adds interactive creative lamp group, organically combines traditional lantern and traditional folk performance, improves the scale, creativity and interactive experience of the lamp group, and strives to create a “fine, strange, clever, new and special” visual feast.Colorful lanterns, colorful, colorful, myriad forms.Thousands of lanterns together, thousands of flashing lights, romantic network red dream corridor, to meet your heart of the beautiful fantasy.There are more attractive food in the park, you can have a full meal if you are hungry at night!If you come to lavender manor during the day, the lively New Year atmosphere will be even stronger!Characteristic folk performance is the festive atmosphere we miss!This Spring Festival, choose a place to enjoy the lights and enjoy the tour

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