Kids with better motor skills Grow up to be Smarter?And it is

Why does every child need a sport?Is it just because it’s good for the physical health of the child?Of course not. I’m not underestimating the benefits of exercise, especially in terms of brain modification.Through numerous follow-up studies, it has been found that any exercise can play a role in fitness, but also exercise muscles and brain, promoting the development of a person’s mind and IQ.In addition to good academic performance and emotional stability, the students in Chinese colleges and universities also have high scores in physical education.In some areas where the average gaokao score is relatively high, it is even traditional to lead children to run every morning.This will improve blood circulation to the child, as well as blood flow to the brain.In addition, children who are at the top of the class will be forced by their fathers to do a physical exercise when they are young. However, it is more efficient to do a physical exercise before memorizing English lines or learning mutual skills, and then to do homework.In other words, when your body is active, your brain is also active.So how does exercise improve a child’s brain?Let’s start with a set of experiments.One group of rats was abandoned in a wheel cage with brake wheels.Another group of mice were placed in cages without brake wheels.Half a month later, the brains of the two groups were dissected separately. It was found that the hippocampus of the rats that ran regularly on the brake wheels for the first time was completely different from that of the rats that did not exercise regularly.In the first group, BDNF production was boosted by exercise, and the longer they exercised, the higher their BDNF levels were.The same could be said of the human brain, which is stimulated to regenerate neurons in people who exercise.And people who are physically active are less likely to suffer from depression, mania or other mental or mental disorders.If your child has trouble paying attention, suggest that parents add more physical exercises or classes to their child’s attention span.But getting kids to exercise is about science, not mindless learning.Only scientific movement of the body, can let the child away from anxiety, overcome shyness, improve bad psychology and behavior.The best exercise for children is aerobic exercise.Like playing ball, jumping rope, dancing.As long as the child can stick to a sport for more than two years, can achieve amazing results, in fact, even intermittent exercise, there will be significant results.In fact, I said so much, is to urge parents to let their children move, can be running, can also learn to swim, I just fitness, but also brain, to help children maximize the potential of the brain, achievement of better children in the future.Share parenting knowledge with you through comics.If you find this article helpful, please like it and forward it.

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